You still have some options.

By Nicole Moleti
July 09, 2018
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When it comes to style and beauty preferences, no two women are alike. That means there's a good chance that at least one of your bridesmaids won't be interested in professional makeup application on the big day. So, what should you do if you really want your entire bridal party to be all made up for your nuptials but someone isn't having it?

Let's set the record straight: You can't force anyone to have their makeup done for your wedding, but you can ask kindly. If you're able to foot the bill, even better. Even so, she may decline. If she's just not a makeup kind of woman, let it go, but if she has reservations you can help manage, then go for it. Here, some tips for dealing with a bridesmaid who isn't interested in big-day beauty.

Invite Her to Your Trial

Some women refuse big-day beauty services because they have never had their makeup professionally applied and are nervous about the result. If your bridesmaid falls into this camp, invite her to join you for your own makeup trial. She'll see how the artist interacts with you, talks about what you do and don't like, and can witness the full transformation. When the wedding day comes around, she'll be more comfortable with the idea of having her makeup done because she's seen the artist in action before.

Introduce Her to Your Pro

If she is not available to go to your trial, at least pass along your makeup artist's information. Some offer pre-wedding trials to those in the bridal party, too, or will be available to talk to your bridesmaid about her concerns. Maybe she has skin sensitivities and wants to make sure your artist can use her own products, or maybe she just wants to talk through details.

Pick Out a Signature Piece

If you really have die-hard "no-makeup" bridesmaids, then see if you can get her to budge on one detail, like a lip color you'd like all your 'maids to wear. It's the easiest and least expensive beauty option that packs the most punch. Work with your makeup artist to pick a color that looks good on everyone and enjoy a small beauty success.


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