Who says the bride has to take the reins?
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Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Planning a wedding is totally fun-unless it isn't. For some, throwing a nuptial bash isn't all that exciting (crazy, we know). Among those who prefer to take a backseat to wedding planning? Kate Mara. The actress recently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that her fiancé, Jamie Bell, is the one enthused by wedding prep.

"I don't love planning," Mara admitted on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. "I like planning in my life in general, but wedding planning, I'm just not that interested. Like, 'What kind of spoon do you want on the table?' I'm just so uninterested, but Jamie is very interested." "I will say, 'I don't care', and he will immediately give a response of exactly the color and the shape," she shared.

Mara's interview makes an important point: There's no one way to plan a wedding, and nothing should decree which half spearheads the organizing. Mara is also known for rejecting bridal fashion trends. The one thing she cares about? Having her dogs at the nuptials.

While chatting with Fallon, Mara also gave insight into other aspects of her relationship with Bell. Mara's family owns the New York Jets and the Pittsburg Steelers, and taught her English fiancé to love American football. "He learned all about the Giants for me," she confessed. "He knows more about it than I do." The couple, who bonded on the set of Fantastic Four, got engaged this past January. We're excited to see what Bell picks out for their special day!


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