When you take care of your creative team, they'll take care of you.

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A beautiful, fabulous, memorable wedding is only ever as good as the team it took to build it. Having a group of solid, trustworthy, experienced vendors is the best form of wedding inspiration you can have. Here's how you can set your planning team up for success.

Be a good communicator.

If something isn't going as you'd hoped, don't be afraid to speak up. Your vendors are providing a service and part of that service is making sure you're totally happy with the plans they put forth. If you don't speak up when you're unhappy, there's no way for your vendors to fix a problem or make something even more amazing than you'd hoped for.

Set a realistic budget from day one.

Setting a realistic budget is the best way to ensure success with all of your vendors. Go ahead and share this info with your team so they know what number they need to work within. This way, if you're brainstorming an idea your florist knows will kick your budget over the top, he or she can guide you towards alternatives that you'll feel more comfortable with.

Trust your vendors.

There's a lot of trust that goes into your working relationship with your vendors, but taking the time to acknowledge their expertise and let them know you trust their expert opinion gives them the room they need to create something beyond your wildest dreams.

Assemble a great team.

One of the greatest benefits of having a wedding planner is that they know how to assemble a team of vendors that work well together. When this is the case, problem solving is so much easier throughout the planning and the wedding weekend has a significantly better vibe.

Be flexible.

When you're too specific about what you want, it often leaves vendors feeling locked into a certain style. If you leave a little more room for creativity, which you can comfortably do when you trust your team, you'll allow space for them to surprise you in all the best ways. As well, being flexible and solution-oriented when things go wrong will make your own experience so much better.

Take care of your vendors.

Don't forget to make sure all your vendors have a place to stash their stuff throughout the wedding, as well as regular breaks to eat and drink. Most on-site vendors will include a requirement for a hot meal at dinnertime and a place to eat, but talk to your catering team about what this is and whether you can make any upgrades to ensure your people feel really taken care of.


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