When it comes to his venue, he's chasing the sun.
Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales sunset

After much speculation from fans, Kellan Lutz recently confirmed that he's engaged to Brittany Gonzales. Now, the actor is dishing on their wedding plans. While the star and his fiancée are far from finished, they apparently have a few things sorted out. He spoke with People about what the couple's decided on so far.

"We've always wanted a destination wedding," Lutz shared, noting that they've scouted some potential spots together and are gravitating toward an oceanside location. While they still haven't chosen their specific venue, they do know that they need a special view. "We love sunsets, so we obviously have to be on the western side to see it," he explained. "We've just been slowly exploring. It's not easy to find a western-facing beach that's right!"

Lutz admitted that aside from venue hunting, the couple hasn't gotten much done. According to him, they've been "way too chill about it." "I always figured every woman had a dream wedding. She doesn't," he shared of Gonzales, hinting that they'd be hiring a wedding planner. "I think we just need someone to step in and be like, 'We're gonna take care of all this.'"

But don't assume that their delay in planning is a sign that the pair isn't ready to tie the knot. "It's hard because we already feel married, and everyone thinks that we're married, but we want to be married," he said in the interview. "And we don't live together. We're old school like that," he added. "We need to be though!"


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