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Elopements are intimate, romantic events, and are a wonderful way to feel really connected to your partner. Some couples opt to bring along a few close family members and friends while others prefer to have no guests in attendance. For those considering an elopement, here are six ways to involve your friends and family without hosting a full-scale wedding.

Throw an engagement party.

It's not uncommon for couples who are planning to elope to have an engagement party first. While the guests won't be invited to your wedding, it's a nice way to get everyone together for a mini celebration.

Dinner with parents and siblings.

Following your elopement, you might consider inviting both of your families to join you two for a celebratory dinner. This is an especially nice idea if your loved ones haven't had an opportunity to meet yet. Keep it small so it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Shop for your outfit and accessories with friends.

You'll still need an amazing dress or suit for an elopement, and who better to help you pick that out than a dear friend or two? Bring them along for the experience and make sure they feel involved. Your friends will understand why you're choosing to elope, but they'll also be happy to help when and where they can.

Coordinate a first look with your parents there.

If your parents present will be present at your elopement, consider a first look with your mom and dad. It's an easy way to make them feel extra special and included.

Host a low-key party when you get back home.

Many couples choose to have a celebratory party when they get back home after an elopement. It doesn't have to feel like a wedding and can be something as simple as a backyard barbecue or pool party.

Hire a photographer and share the images with just your close friends and family.

Instead of plastering photos of your elopement all over social media, which takes away some of the intimacy of the day, you might opt instead to send a printed card to friends and family with a few photos or email them a gallery slideshow to let them in on the good news. They'll appreciate being told in a more personalized way.


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