It's all about location, location, location.
Credit: Lauren Koplowitz

You've got the ring and the heartfelt speech ready. Now the only thing you need to figure out when you propose on Valentine's Day is the where. Think about places that have meaning and importance to your partner or, better yet, to the two of you. It could be some place remote, like your favorite hiking trail, or some place that's buzzing, such as the bar in Grand Central Station where you meet for after-work drinks. Wherever you decide, it should make sense and feel like a well-thought-out choice. Many people pick a fancy restaurant known for its romantic drama and expectations (lots of diamond rings in champagne glasses and men on the floor balancing on a knee). If you think that's your partner's idea of the perfect proposal setting and they'd be disappointed if you chose a quieter place, go for it. But if you believe your love would prefer a more personal spot, take a look at our list below for inspiration.

Dos and Don’ts for an Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

A favorite park

Ideally it'll be a gorgeous day (sun shining, birds chirping). If you can, find a pretty spot near a bench. She may need to sit if you surprise her!

A boat

By "boat," we mean ferry, kayak, or any other vehicle that's on the water. Just be careful if you get down on one knee. And hold onto that ring!

A rooftop garden

Picture the sun setting, two glasses of rosé in front of you, and all those flowers…

The place you met

Even if it was in the hair-care aisle at Target, there's something wildly romantic about proposing in the spot where your relationship began.

Where you first kissed

You can bet it'll always be a special place in her heart.

The place where you first said I love you

The thought of it probably still gives her a thrill.

Your favorite restaurant

Whether you keep it intimate or involve the wait staff, there's no rule that says you must wait for dessert to pull out the sparkler. If you're nervous, do it during appetizers.

On vacation

Paris or Poughkeepsie, it doesn't matter what the location is as long as you're both relaxed and loving the setting and each other's company.

Your favorite inn

Make a reservation for a weekend of unwinding and celebrating the new life ahead of you.

On a beach

What could be better than waves crashing and a soft breeze in her hair as you fall to one knee and ask the love of your life to marry you? It's the ultimate chick-lit fantasy come true!

At home

Are you nesters? If being in your house together makes her the happiest, then propose in her happy place.

Her beloved childhood home

If you're planning a visit back home, consider this sentimental choice. Bonus points for being able to share the good news right away and in person with her family.


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