Plus, learn the secret to their happy marriage.
William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman
Credit: Felicity Huffman via Instagram

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. Ahead of the milestone anniversary, Macy talked to Entertainment Tonight about his relationship with Huffman, and even shared what he hopes they'll do to mark this special occasion.

According to the Shameless star, "common interests" are the secret to their success. They're also big on communication, which definitely helps. "Felicity and I talk about it all. We read each other's scripts and we love to talk about acting," he shared. "She insists that we talk. She keeps us talking, which I'm not completely against."

When asked what advice he had for a successful relationship in the spotlight, his answer was adorable: "Marry Felicity Huffman." Of course, since his wife is already taken, he suggested marrying "someone nice." Macy also revealed what he and Huffman dream of doing on their upcoming anniversary. "We've always fantasized about pushing all the furniture back, getting a full dance band, and inviting all our pals over and having a dance, an old-fashioned swing dance kind of thing."

As for how Macy addresses his teenage daughters' love lives, the dad just wants the best for them. "I'm trying to wean myself off of saying all those clichés like, 'I'll just have a .45 on the table when he comes in,'" Macy said. "If I'm really gonna be honest, I hope my daughters are well-adjusted and keep themselves safe and have lots of love affairs. And all that guilt and crap I grew up with, I want it to stop here. I want them to be healthy and adventurous."


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