The story involves her hiding behind a sheet.

If there's one thing that common courtesy should teach, it's that a wedding should be about the bride and groom. But when celebrities are wedding guests, it's almost inevitable that this etiquette rule goes awry. Cue Taylor Swift's recent appearance at her best friend Abigail Anderson's nuptials. Though the star tried to lay low and avoid the spotlight, her plan totally backfired.

Swift served as a bridesmaid this past weekend in honor of Anderson, her longtime bestie. The wedding, which took place in Martha's Vineyard, drew the attention of the singer's fans. Many waited outside the venue, but were displeased when Swift chose not to acknowledge them. Instead, the celeb used a hilarious tactic-she hid behind a literal sheet. Her attempts to go "undercover," as expected, didn't exactly help the situation. Fans took to booing Swift, and told her to "put the sheet down," reports E! News.

Clearly, Swift couldn't avoid the paparazzi, seeing as photos of her being a bridesmaid were leaked. The star wore a berry-hued gown with a matching berry lip, and accessorized with a simple necklace.

Once inside the private event space, the singer loosened up a bit, even giving a speech at the reception. A clip from the toast has since been released, in which you can hear her in the midst of retelling a raunchy story about Anderson and her groom.

This isn't the first time Swift's been in a bridal party, but last time, she made her role more public.


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