28 Geometric Wedding Invitations with an Edge

diamond pattern geometric wedding invitations
Anna Delores Photography

Get creative with your wedding invitations—after all, they'll be adorning the fridges and desks of your future wedding guests for months! While you want them to set the stage for your big day, you should also have a little fun with them. If you fancy something contemporary and just a little bit trendy, consider sending out geometric invitations. From sharp lines to your favorite shapes, these designs are modern and wow-worthy. Opt for a minimalist style to preview a formal bash, or gear your paper goods toward something bohemian with a painterly take on the bold shapes. No matter the route you take, angular invites are surprisingly versatile, not to mention wildly impressive.

You can keep it simple and add a shape like a hexagon to your monogram, or you can truly go for it, as Prim & Pixie did here, with a set that geometric from start to finish. The overlapping yet delicate diamond pattern on the envelope liners, the small triangle icons on the cards tucked inside, and the irregular six-sided die-cut response card all came together beautifully. Tie on a skinny rectangular tag detailing the website with thin twine to match the linear accents throughout and you'll be treating your guests to an even more unique look.

Here, a handful of stylish stationery suites with a geometric focus. Playing with colors, patterns, and shapes, these examples truly amp up the invitation landscape. Browse through for inspiration for your own wedding stationery suites, and consider capitalizing on the smart, fashionable fad.

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A Seven-Sided Statement

metallic wedding invitations
Alexis June Weddings

A monogram surrounded by a double heptagon gives any suite a modern edge. This one, by Papered Wonders, Inc., goes even further with printing on the acrylic invitation card and again on the back flap of the outer envelope. Feel free to choose a different shape—say a simple square or an even-sided hexagon—to put your own spin on an edgy suite like this one.

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Tropical Touches

bright pink and blue tropic geometric wedding invitations
Matt Rice

This colorful suite by Black Lamb Studio shows how geometric and organic elements can mix together seamlessly. For this wedding in Miami's mural-covered Wynwood neighborhood, geometric bands of pink, blue, and chartreuse met the silhouette of palm trees. Thanks to the three-color letterpress printing method, the overlapping details meant even more dimension. Consider playing around with an element of your venue's landscape and a linear base and you could get a result as fun as this one.

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The Shapes of Autumn

autumn fall asymmetrical geometric wedding invitations
Carol Oliva

Channel fall with deep blue and red paper, add dimension with linear gold touches, and keep the geometric theme going with hexagonal and triangular escort cards. With this suite, Altogether Lovely Shop proves that you can be seasonal, whimsical, and edgy all at the same time.

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Organic Figures

Liz Banfield

Let your invitations take shape in the literal sense. This custom suite by Ladyfingers Letterpress incorporated a few asymmetrical polygons, some of which were die-cut and others which were printed, along with linear accents. Calligraphy by Rosann Konieczny softened things up.

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Try Triangles

geometric wedding invitations pink modern with triangles hexagons
Tina Jay Photography

Laurel & Elm created this suite in a bright and modern style. Multi-colored triangles were the dominant element of the main invite, and small hexagons appeared on the response card for guests to note if they could or couldn't attend. It has all of the basics, but in a modern way.

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Cool Cut-Outs

triangle cut out neutral color geometric wedding invitations
Mallory Berry for MGB Photo

Geometric elements can make an impact but still be understated. Take this invitation by Spilled Ink Press. The palette is neutral and the cut-outs on the invite card delicately frame the details of the wedding. A pale printing of triangles and squares down the side of the response and information cards carry it through for one cohesive, and sleek, stationery suite.

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Painted Pieces

geometric wedding invitations painted pink with triangles
Ambre Williams Photography

This couple went for an artistic take on geometry with help from Papertree Studio, who designed each of the cards with an arrangement of triangles in a watercolored and gold-leafed style.

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Such a Gem

gemstone and gold geometric wedding invitations
Mikkel Paige Photography

Putting shapes on your invite doesn't mean it'll look like a pre-school project. This one by One + Only Paper channels a gemstone, with its facets and crisp edges. Add a pop of gold and it'll feel even more elevated, even if you use a pair of more modern fonts.

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A Neutral Classic

simple wedding invitation
Jose Villa

When you start learning about shapes, they're often paired with primary colors and a generally bold color palette. but when you pair triangles and octagons with taupe and white—like Lazaro Press & Design did here—it's a whole new scenario, and actually quite classic.

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Gold and Bold

molly adam wedding stationery
Marissa Maharaj

Gold foil popped, but it was in good company thanks to an angular hot pink heart-shaped response card, a navy rectangular background for the text on the invitation, and a triangular piece that folded over the wedding weekend itinerary. We love how the shapes played together in this colorful, modern suite by Jack & Ginger Studios.

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Pastel Shapes

stationery suite
We Heart Photography

Mint and peach softly celebrated the geometric nature of this invitation by Berin Made. A little asymmetry on the main card, along with solid bands on both sides of the response card, got another grade school touch courtesy of a graph paper pattern.

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A Neon Delight

neon polygons geometric wedding invitations
Christine Farah

Tiffany Hahn Design created this vibrant suite with art direction by CCL Weddings, and the heart-shaped smattering of polygons couldn't have been cooler. The sharp angles continued at the base of the response card to complete the look.

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Faceted and Fabulous

Emily Wren Photography

This jewel-inspired Minted suite showcased a slew of different shapes. Warm gold foil gave it even more dimension.

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Stack It Up

Belathée Photography

Cheree Berry Paper designed this layered, kaleidoscope-inspired suite, which featured several die-cut shapes that created a changing geometric pattern as the pieces were removed to reveal the one below. The hexagon that appeared throughout the paper goods added to the modern style of the wedding.

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Multicolor and Multifaceted

multicolor jewel tones geometric wedding invitations
Papertree Studio

Papertree Studio

's goal for this couple's invitation was to implement jewel tones and a geometric patterns with pops of copper foil for an eclectic vibe. No two pieces of this suite were alike, but they all still worked together.

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Shades of Pink

pink stationery suite
Krista Mason Photography

This dreamy pink and purple suite by Tulaloo Stationery Studio had geometric cut-outs. It also included an eye-catching envelope liner and beautiful, whimsical watercolors.

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Hexagons All Over

hexagonal wedding invitation
Justin Lee Photography

Honeycombs aren't just for bees—the pattern's pretty stylish. Every piece of this soft-gray set showcased a clean, gold-rimmed hexagon.

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Bright Ideas

bright stationery suite
Dahlia Press

How awesome is this suite for a summertime wedding? The yellows, pinks, and blues used by Dahlia Press worked well with the geometrics.

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Colorblocked and Cool

color-blocked wedding invitation
Mary Fama

The goods in this package designed by Mara Fama were split in color. The gray-and-white divide made them visually interesting, even without a vibrant palette.

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Inspired By Nature

colorful geometric wedding invitation
And Here We Are

And Here We Are designed each piece in this suite to resemble beautiful geodes, and the envelope liners were spot-on. Combine that with the playful color scheme, and these invites were a joy.

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Green and Geometric

green-and-gold stationery suite
Judy Pak

Glitzy lines seemed to glitter from the paper on this deep-green wedding invitation set. Go a similar route if you're having a glam, evening affair.

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A Natural Touch or Two

honeycomb wedding invitation
Izzy Hudgins Photography

This wedding stationery by Miss Wyolene was as sweet as honey, with bumble bee motifs and hexagonal cut-outs. Add in some floral elements, and you've got a great mix of modern shapes and nature.

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Mostly Marbled

marble wedding invitation
Blynda DaCosta Photography

Elegant and formal, this stationery suite featured sharp angles, gold lines, and a luxe marble pattern.

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Black-and-Gold and Shapely

black stationery suite
Kristen Weaver Photography

Prisms wowed on this dark stationery by Lattice Tree Studio. We love the mix of black, gold, and white, as well as the combination of a soft, painted background, and crisp, notched edges.

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Worldly Patterns

tropical boho wedding invitation
Ashley Kelemen

This geometric invitation set was part boho, part tropical. Pineapples and an ikat-like pattern went hand in hand thanks to Papermade Design.

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A Purple Palette

geometric wedding invitation
Laura Kelly Photography

Crystals inspired this purple invitation by Ink Blossom—the mesmerizing design was divine.

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Patterns and Shapes

black stationery suite
Silvius James Photography

Have you ever seen stationery quite like this? These paper goods were a work of art. Abstract prints, bold divides, and moody colors made this set unforgettable.

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