The actress was just spotted sporting a huge ring.

jennifer lawrence wearing long blazer
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Jennifer Lawrence, the internet's BFF, is officially off the market after becoming engaged to her beau of 10 months, Cooke Maroney.

She's kept her engagement celebrations on the DL (though if we know her, and we'd like to think we do, we imagine there was probably couch jumping and red wine involved), but the one detail we're truly curious about? That ring.

A couple weeks back, the actress was spotted with a low-key band with what appears to be a very practically-sized rock on her ring finger. How very J. Law, we thought, a no-nonsense ring for a no-nonsense lady!

But then, on Thursday, the actress was spotted out and about again-and a flash at her left hand had us doing a double-take because wow, that is not the understated rock we remember.

Jennifer Lawrence Engagement Ring

Of course, we're left with more questions than answers at this point. Is it a new ring? Did she simply upgrade the old ring? Was the first look we got-a day after the engagement was announced-not an engagement ring at all?

Here's our theory: On the evening the news of the engagement broke, a source revealed to People that J. Law's ring was "a massive rock." That first image? Not so massive. So perhaps she had just subbed in a different ring for that finger knowing that all eyes (and cameras) would be zeroing in on her left hand. Why hide it? That part's still a mystery. (Sorry, I'm doing my best.)

Whatever, the more rings the better. We support you, Jen.


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