The happy couple is soon to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Credit: Justin Theroux via Instagram

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have been married for almost two years! The couple, who wed in August of 2015, is fast approaching their second-year milestone. While the pair themselves have yet to speak out about the big stage in their lives, a source recently dished to People on the status of their relationship.

According to the insider, Theroux and Aniston "still very much act like newlyweds." The Aniston source also revealed what the couple likes to do together. Apparently, they're big on dinner parties, cooking together, and working out as a team. "They love to laugh and share a wicked sense of humor," the source added. All in all, the spouses "have total respect for each other," and they're also "great friends."

Theroux most recently was filming in Australia, while Aniston just signed on for a new series. Though the couple often spends time apart, it only makes their connection stronger. "Jen realized that you can be happily married without being together 24/7," the insider said. When they reunite after periods of long-distance, "they have so much to catch up on and it makes their marriage more exciting." If that's not sweet enough, "Justin can still make Jen blush. She still talks about how she finds him very sexy. Not seeing each other every day makes them appreciate each other more."

Happy (almost) anniversary to the husband and wife-we're glad to hear that things are going great.


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