Your most basic insurance questions, answered.
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No one wants to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong on their wedding day, but you also don't want to be underprepared for any issues that might arise. This is where wedding insurance comes into play. Here, we discuss liability insurance, your vendors' policies, venue's requirements, and wedding-day plans that'll keep you and your partner protected.

What kind of insurance should I check if my vendors have?

According to event insurance provider WedSafe, your vendors will have to have their own insurance liability policies. You can add your venue as an additional insured party on your host insurance, but not your vendors. Your vendors will likely have their own insurance provider, but if you're working with someone who's running a small business out of their home or just getting started in the industry, they can purchase a short-term policy through an online provider.

My venue requires proof of insurance from vendors and/or from us. Is this normal?

Event expert and founder of FETE NY, Jung Lee, says, "Most venues will require vendors to carry general insurance policies to protect the venue should there be any damages. Some venues will also require worker's compensation, and/or have the client also provide host insurance." It's not a red flag if your venue asks for proof of policies, and the on-site coordinator can often help a couple choose the insurance they need.

How do I know if insurance is required by my venue?

"It's important to know what the venue insurance requirements are before signing their contract, as well as receive a sample insurance certificate from them to make sure the vendors you are considering have adequate coverage," Lee explains. "If not, they will need to get additional insurance, which usually gets passed onto the client." If taking on extra costs isn't in the budget, it's important to understand this information early on.

Where should we purchase wedding insurance as hosts?

Depending on the policy you need, Lee says, "Sometimes, the homeowners insurance that you have can cover this, or there are companies that will provide a one-day insurance policy." A quick search online should help narrow down the options, but be sure to read reviews and all the small print before signing the dotted line.


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