Plus, the bride-to-be's ... interesting ... rumored dress code.
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain

We said we were committed to getting the entire scoop on Pippa Middleton's wedding day, and we meant it. Clearly, the rest of the media shares our passion, because more information just keeps on coming. Earlier this week, we reported on rumors of the wedding's cost, and today, we have an update on Middleton's wedding dress and dress code.

E! News spoke with an inside source connected to Middleton's speculated wedding-dress designer, Giles Deacon. According to the source, the gown is "very simple, elegant" and entirely handmade. A sneak peak of the design is unlikely, however, considering "very few people have seen the finished thing." If London-based Giles Deacon is the dress designer, Middleton will join model Abbey Clancy on the list of brides he's dressed. And with the Daily News estimating the gown's cost at $13,000, it's sure to be divine.

As for Middleton's dress code, rumor has it she's set a controversial rule. According to The Telegraph, social media's in a stir about the possibility of her guests having to wear two different outfits. This would mean separate duds for the ceremony and reception, something brides have been known to do, but attendees? Not so much. While the rule is, in a word, interesting, it would explain why attendee Meghan Markle was spotted at two separate dress fittings for the celebration.

With the way intel is constantly trickling out, Middleton's wedding hype is what PR teams' dreams are made of. What new news will tomorrow bring? We have no idea, but we'll be sure to share it.


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