Just because you've been there before doesn't mean your wedding will be any less wonderful.

By Nancy Mattia
July 17, 2019
outdoor wedding venue gated entryway brick walkway
Credit: Jen Huang

If you live in a small town and have a limited number of choices when it comes to your wedding venue, you might feel like your celebration will be less special because everyone who's invited has probably been to an event there before. But even though a space may have some familiarity to a good portion of your attendees, it won't feel like everyone else's wedding.

Make the day unique to who you and your soon-to-be spouse are.

Bring a custom spin to the venue by choosing details that are true to your tastes and style. Your friends who were married there six months ago might have been the romantic type who served Champagne all night and danced to a live orchestra. Your wedding, however, is set to be a more casual affair that features a burrito bar and a lively DJ. Even if the wall color and drapes haven't changed, no one will get a "been there, done that" feeling at your wedding.

Choose unique or different lighting.

So what if it's the same banquet room your cousin got married in last year? Change the lighting and you'll create a different atmosphere. Groupings of pillar candles everywhere will give the space a romantic glow. Or bring something extra to the existing lighting by adding a few pin-spots (or a beam of light directed at a certain area or object, like the dance floor or the cake table) throughout the room. Fairy lights are another good option, as they create a twinkling display anywhere they're hung.

Use the space in a way that hasn't been done before.

Talk to the venue manager about the plausibility of setting up the dining tables in a different formation and putting the bars in different corners of the room. Just because a venue hasn't done something before doesn't mean they can't.

Bring in a few special details.

If your sister had a photo booth at her wedding, do something completely different like set up a lounge area with soft seating and monogrammed throw pillows. If your best friend served late-night s'mores, opt to bring in your favorite fast food or ice cream instead. Just because you're getting married in the same place doesn't mean every detail needs to match.


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