We can't wait until season two!
Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan
Credit: Chrissy Metz via Instagram

There's only been one season of NBC's hit show This Is Us, but it feels like it's been a part of our lives forever. We've been there for these characters through the ups and downs-and boy, have there been a lot of them. We already saw Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia's characters, Rebecca and Jack, tie the knot, and looking ahead to season two, it seems we may get to witness another This Is Us wedding. Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson, discussed the possibility of her character's on-screen wedding to fiancé Toby, played by Chris Sullivan. She even talked about what she might be wearing down the aisle.

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"Our costumer and seamstress, who I'm dear friends with, we've kind of joked about like, 'What is the dress going to look like?'" Metz told ET. "But I don't know anything. I have no idea. I don't even know if the wedding is going to happen. Just like every relationship, you take it day by day. So we're gonna see. But I'm excited to see what the dress might look like for sure." If it's anything like the dress Mandy Moore wore, it will be stunning!

In the season finale of This Is Us, fans saw Kate and Toby moving in together and looking towards the future. Instead of taking her old job, Kate said she wanted to start singing again just like her mom did. So will we ever see a duet between the onscreen mother and daughter? It would be a "dream come true" for Chrissy. "That would be sooo fun! Everybody keeps asking and I'm like, 'I don't know yet!' So, I mean, come on!" Though we don't know much about the second season, there are so many possibilities for what's to come!


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