The funniest part? The huge fan was so enthralled with the game that she didn't even notice!
Maria Menounos
Credit: Maria Menounos via Instagram

Super Bowl 51 was the most exciting football game ever, to say the least. Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to a 25-point comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons. We all saw Gisele completely lose it when her husband won his fifth world championship title, but there was another superfan in the crowd that lost something a little more important…

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TV personality Maria Menounos was so excited about the Patriots' comeback that she lost a small diamond from her engagement ring, E! News reports. The moment, which was captured on Instagram, shows Maria banging on metal for the entire fourth quarter. "It pays to be a superfan of the Patrios," Maria told E!. "I didn't know that I could break my ring being a superfan but apparently that's what happened." Ladies: be warned. Diamonds may be forever (a.k.a extremely durable), but you still need to take proper care of them!

Maria got engaged in March 2016 to longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro. In her Instagram post about the mishap, Maria said Keven was "horrified" about the lost diamond-and rightly so. "I think I learned my lesson, and when I have to be a superfan I'll just wear it around my neck or something because this is going to be an expensive habit being a big sports fan."

Good plan, Maria! If the couple insured the ring (which, they should have!) then it shouldn't be as big of a deal as it probably feels.

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