These bout ideas are guaranteed to be 100% wilt-free.
boutonnieres dried botanicals succulents
Credit: Aaron Dyer

No one wants to spend tons of money on wedding flowers just to have them wilt and shrivel before the big day is done. Although your focus will certainly be on choosing a bouquet and floral centerpieces that will last throughout the ceremony and reception, you should also think about how your groom's boutonnière will fair, especially for spring and summer weddings. Before you select something lovely (but not necessarily heat tolerant), check out our tips for long-lasting boutonnières. And if you're looking for an easy DIY project, you'll appreciate our pointers for crafting these mini arrangements at home.

Consider dried flowers or heat-resistant blooms.

Here's a Pin-worthy boutonnière idea: Swap fresh, thirsty flowers for dried blooms or pint-size plants that need little water (like succulents or air plants). While there's certainly beauty in using fresh flowers in every aspect of your wedding, there are also perks that come with choosing dried boutonnières. For one, they can be ordered and made far in advance of your wedding (hello, DIY project heaven). Plus, they won't wilt midway through the big day, meaning there's no chance of having sad, droopy flowers visible in your photos. For the bride and groom that like to plan ahead of time (and that want to avoid any boutonnière issues mid-wedding), dried alternatives are a great pick.

Choose fragrant herbs over flowers.

For a never-fail arrangement, ask your florist to bundle a few sprigs of a single plant, like lavender, an Eryngium thistle, or wheat, together with a solid ribbon that coordinates with your wedding palette. Bonus: Her boutonnières are a great DIY project since they're so easy to assemble at home. If you still want a floral element in your groom's bout but still want a totally heat-friendly option, consider adding a preserved flower, like pink rose, to the mix.

Say "yes" to air plants and succulents.

Air plants are also a good option, especially since they make for a great wedding keepsake. Since these heat-tolerant plants don't need any soil, you can place them in a terrarium or shallow vessel post-wedding and treasure the memory forever. Or maybe you want to try something more stylish-yet-masculine, like a succulent or cacti boutonnière. Both options make for a simple yet elegant look.

Think beyond the expected.

If you can't find a heat-tolerant flower you both love, think about unexpected materials, like hops (a fun nod to beer-loving grooms). Vendors like Black Creek Hops sell boutonnière kits, so you'll have everything you need to put it together. Want something even more out-of-the-box? Think about a bout made from your husband's favorite childhood toy (we've seen tons of Lego options).


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