25 Delicious Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

bride and groom each holding an ice cream sundae
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It's easy to get overwhelmed by your many wedding dessert options. Macarons, donuts, and cookies are all popular additions to the dessert table, but we think there is one more sweet that is sure to please all of your guests: ice cream. Think this frozen treat is difficult to serve on your big day (you don't want it to melt!)? Think again. It should actually be a major contender for the sweet treat you serve at your celebration.

Whether you choose to serve ice cream along with other sweets or in place of a traditional wedding cake, know that this frozen treat will appeal to all of your attendees. Why? It comes in so many flavors. Offer multiple options (if you're serving chocolate, you have to include vanilla!) to ensure everyone's preferences are met. Want to stick to just one or two flavors? Make sure you have plenty of toppings. This couple topped their sundaes from Ted & Wally's with mini wafer cookies, a healthy dose of whipped cream, and, of course, cherries.

Not only can you get creative with your toppings and flavors, but you can also play with how you serve this frozen treat. Ahead, you'll discover that ice cream isn't just limited to a cone or cup (although, it's delicious served these ways, too). Many of the following couples opted for ice cream sandwiches, root beer floats, and milkshakes on their big days—others even had an ice cream bar at their weddings. Whether you decide to serve a little or a lot of this dessert, one of these ice cream wedding ideas is guaranteed to work for your party.

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Ice Cream Food Wall

ice cream food wall
Natalie Bray Photography

Although ice cream is a classic frozen treat, you can still serve it in a modern way. A food wall with a witty phrase (this one was created by Amorology) is the perfect way to merge old and new.

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Ice Cream Bar

man serving pink ice cream cone
Elias Kordelakos

There are plenty of unique bars to feature at your wedding, but we are partial to this Miss500 ice cream station. Guests can choose from a variety of flavors, meaning there's something for everyone.

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Ice Cream Stand

sweet scoops homemade ice cream cart
Kevin Chin

In addition to your cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres, consider a mobile ice cream cart, which will allow guests to have something sweet right away. This Sweet Scoops stand is ideal for any kind of event.

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Ice Cream Cake

three tiered ice cream wedding cake
XO Azuree Photography

Love ice cream, but don't want to ditch a traditional wedding cake? Merge the two dessert favorites by serving an ice cream cake. This one was created by Alyse Baca and consisted of three frozen tiers.

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Root Beer Floats

root beer floats served on a tray
Bamber Photography

If you're in search of a non-alcoholic beverage for your cocktail hour, we suggest root beer floats, like these by Events with Taste. Not only are they nostalgic, but they also serve a dual purpose—they're both a snack and a drink.

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cups with churros and vanilla ice cream
The Bold Americana

While this frozen treat is irresistible all by itself, it doesn't hurt to add even more flavor. Your guests will thank you when you take note from the San Diego Taco Company and pair your ice cream with churros.

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Many Options

dessert table with ice cream cones
Barbora Bistiak

You can never have too many options on your dessert table, so why not add ice cream to the mix? Mini cones by Mia Cakes were offered at this reception.

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Moody Vessel

wheel and spoon employee holding ice cream in dark cup
Figtree Wedding Photography

Believe it or not, ice cream can nod to your event's theme, depending on the vessel in which it's served. Wheel + Spoon used dark patterned cups for the dessert offered at this bohemian-themed celebration.

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Ice Cream Cart

blackboard ice cream menu on mobile cart
Jose Villa

Mobile food carts are popular for a reason. They make your big-day treats easily accessible to all of your guests. Hire an ice cream cart, like Jackson's Ice Cycle, seen here, to make this dessert even more fun for guests.

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Ice Cream Bar

woman holding ice cream pop
Ashley Goodwin Photography

Ice cream isn't just for cones or cups—in fact, we'd argue it works just as well on a popsicle stick. Make like this couple and treat your guests to chocolate-covered ice cream bars, complete with colorful sprinkles.

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milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry served on a tray
Koman Photography

Need a drink to satisfy your sweet tooth and accompany your big-day desserts? Take note from Sidecar Doughnuts and serve ice cream in milkshake form. Of course, you'll want to complete the beverage with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

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Mini Cones

mini ice cream cones served on wooden serving block
Nicole Sarah Photography

Ice cream before dinner is never a bad idea, so satisfy guests' hunger before the reception with mini ice cream cones. To make sure every attendee has something they enjoy, make like River Café and offer multiple flavors.

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jessica brian wedding ice cream
Abby Jiu Photography

If you and your new husband or wife are a fan of a particular ice cream shop, see if they'll cater your after-party. Dairy Queen provided three varieties of their iconic Blizzard at this event.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich
Jes Workman

Chances are, your guests will enjoy ice cream in all its forms, so make sure you have them covered with tasty spins on the classic dessert. Coolhaus allowed this event's attendees to mix and match their favorite flavors with various cookies to create their ultimate ice cream sandwich.

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Gold-Foil Cones

Genevieve de Manio Photography

Believe it or not, this classic carnival staple can still feel elevated. The trick? Wrapping mini cones in gold foil, like The Catered Affair did here.

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Organized Sign

ice cream menu on wooden sign
Shelly Anderson Photography

Your wedding-day ice cream shouldn't be the only thing that looks good—so should its sign. Attendees could easily see what was on the menu at this Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab bar—thanks to an organized wood sign by The Rusty Nail and Chalkin' It Up.

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Ice Cream Truck

groom and groomsmen
Love & Light Photographs

By the end of the night, you'll need a late-night snack to keep the party going. Try hiring an ice cream truck, like this one from Hoffman's.

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Labeled Flavors

labeled ice cream flavors in a white dish
Paige Jones Photography

If you plan on serving this much ice cream, you'll want to label each flavor—especially if you're going to serve your dessert sundae-style, à la this Chaviano Couture and Charlotte Lane display.

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His and Hers

Rachel Thurston

Accompany your "his" and "hers" signature cocktails with a tiny treat on the side. Before your reception, share mini ice cream cones that work with the flavors in your drinks.

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Hidden Ice Cream Cake

Davey's Ice Cream Wedding Cake
David Yoo

Why serve a regular wedding cake when you can have an ice cream confection? The treat can still look traditional, as this Davey's Ice Cream confection proves. Just ask your baker to cover the tiers in vanilla ice cream (it will give the illusion of frosting).

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Waiter Serving Cups of Ice Cream
Corbin Gurkin

Need another way to make this treat feel elegant? Pass around your favorite flavors in jet black cups. For another formal touch, ensure your servers are dressed to the nines.

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Mini Cart

Chloé Browne of Caught the Light

A mini ice cream cart is the perfect way to serve this sweet treat at smaller venues. Although this The Olde Bell's wagon was tiny, it was packed with enough flavors to satisfy all guests.

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Ice Cream Art

Emily Steffen

The phrase "Don't play with your food!" shouldn't apply to wedding ice cream. If you need to keep young attendees entertained during your reception, a small palette with mini scoops of ice cream should do the trick.

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bridal shower food table
Jose Villa

Give your celebration a dose of European flair with decadent scoops of gelato. Splendora's Gelato provided the frozen dessert at this wedding.

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Summer Solution

Braedon Photography

Throwing a summertime wedding? Ice cream is a no-brainer—it's a tasty way to help your attendees beat the heat.

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