17 Ways to Keep Guests Cool at Your Warm-Weather Wedding

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There are so many reasons why you should consider having a warm-weather wedding—just think of the sunny blue skies and bright colors! Whether you're thinking of dreamy garden soiree or a seaside celebration, your guests will be thrilled to hear you're hosting an outdoor wedding. That is, until temperatures really start to rise. You don't want any of your guests to be uncomfortable, but what can you do when the weather is warmer than you hoped for? You'll never be able to control the temperature, but you can control how guests feel by offering drinks, accessories, and icy treats to help loved ones cool down. Not only will these great ideas help bring the temp down, the creativity behind them will stay in your guests' minds forever.

So don't let creeping temps derail your plans for an outdoor celebration. Check out 17 ways real couples kept everyone comfortable at their open-air weddings here.

At ther Hawaiian wedding, this bride and groom provided guests with wicker fans during the ceremony. In addition to keeping everyone cool, they were a wonderful favor that will always remind loved ones of the day.

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Ice Cream

Waiter Serving Cups of Ice Cream
Corbin Gurkin

For an after-dinner treat that doubled as a cool down, servers dished out scoops of black raspberry chip ice cream. We're sure guests appreciated it.

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Wooden Fan


A wooden fan, a program, and lavender to toss was given to each guest at this North Carolina wedding.

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Refreshing Drinks

Ryan Ray Photography

The bride and groom made sure their guests would beat the heat (especially during their outdoor Texas wedding!) with fruit-and-mint-infused water. It's an easy and delicious way to ensure everyone is feeling great as you say "I do."

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Cool Items


Guests at this nautical wedding were given the choice of either a fan or a hat to keep cool in the summer temps.

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bridal shower food table
Jose Villa

Splendora's Gelato was served to guests after dinner, along with artisanal sodas.

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Paper Parasols

Connie Lyu

For this all-yellow wedding, paper parasols were waiting on each seat at the ceremony.

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Katie Stoops Photography

Each welcome bag was stocked with trendy sunglasses for guests to use throughout the weekend, along with koozies and citrus fruit.

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Program Fans

Peer Johnson

This creative bride combined her ceremony programs with a way for guests to keep cool. Each two-sided paper fan featured an illustration of the night sky and a description of what the celebration would entail.

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Vintage Parasols

wedding guests with parasols
Greg Finck

Guests hid from the setting sun with vintage parasols during the ceremony.

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Ice Cream Cart

Chloé Browne of Caught the Light

Drinks weren't the only thing given out during cocktail hour! This couple served vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream straight from a cart.

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On Ice

Emily Steffen

Izze sodas were given out right before the ceremony so guests could enjoy something cool while they sat beneath the sun.

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Snow Cones

Island Wedding Bar
Bryan Gardner

This lemon-themed wedding offered guests limoncello "snow cups" off of this custom-designed cart.

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For this destination wedding in Turks and Caicos, the bride and groom gave guests a useful welcome tote, including a beach blanket, sunscreen, and water to prepare them for the hot weather.

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Logo Fan

Stephanie Bassos Photography

Everyone stayed cool at this couple's wedding thanks to a monogrammed fan. Bonus: The bright blue color popped against the lush green backdrop.

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Pool Party

DJ pool
Jesse Leake

There's no better way to keep guests cool than a party by the pool—swan blow-up and all!

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Floral Parasols

wedding parasols
Maui Maka Photography

This couple made sure to incorporate their theme—florals—into every aspect of their wedding, including the floral parasols the bride's mom picked up.

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