An expert explains whether or not these witty tags are still a popular wedding-day addition.

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You have probably seen your fair share of wedding-related hashtags while planning your big day or attending the events of friends and family. While there are some real-world benefits that come with using an event-specific hashtag-like keeping all of your guests' social media posts neatly tied together and searchable with the help of a simple phrase-many people wonder whether or not modern couples are still creating their own hashtags in 2019? According to Oleta Collins, florist and event designer with Flourishing Art, of course they are. Here, the pro shares what she wants future brides and grooms to know about big-day hashtags.

Every Wedding Guest Has a Camera

"These days, social media and photography go hand-in-hand, with nearly every guest having a camera on their phone," Collins says. That's why she thinks it's important to share a hashtag with your guests. Everyone will be posting photos from the event whether you have one or not, but isn't it nice to be able to access those snapshots while you wait for your professional photos?

Couples Enjoy Creating a Playful Hashtag

If you're looking for one more way to personalize your wedding, your hashtag might just be it. "Our couples are creating hashtags themselves. We advise them to create one as soon as they meet us-although preferably, they come to us with a hashtag in hand. It allows their creative partners to post to it as well so our clients and their guests can get great insight into the day from all angles, including behind-the-scenes details," she says. Collins also says that couples are unveiling their hashtag on social media much earlier, and including them in posts about everything from wedding planning to future life plans. The sooner you create it, the sooner you can share it with guests. Add it to your wedding website and stationery to ensure everyone posts.

Display Your Hashtag at your Wedding

With their enduring popularity and increased usage of social media platforms, getting guests to use the hashtag when they upload photos shouldn't be a problem-so long as they know what it is. While many of your younger guests will know what the wedding-day hashtag is before they arrive at the event, you'll still want to spread the word at your reception. "We have done hashtags in ice sculptures visible when guests walk into cocktail reception. We have had them placed on the table numbers, on the menus, or added to the wedding favors," Collins explains.

Remember That There Are Still a Few #Downsides

As with any good idea, there are bound to be a few downsides. The first is that you'll lose the ability to monitor what is being posted from your event. Collins says, "You could have one guest who takes an inappropriate photo and then you literally won't see it for some time. By the time you talk to the person about taking it down, who knows how many people (guests and non-guests alike!) saw something you wish they hadn't." To combat this, she suggests discussing your privacy preferences early on. "Some couples like the attention, and others do not." If you're concerned about too many photos from your day being shared on social media, Collins suggests skipping the hashtag and maybe even going so far as to spread the word that your wedding will be an unplugged one.


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