What's not to love about an engagement photo shoot in the snow?
Credit: Dotun Ayodeji

There's something unmistakably romantic about the dazzling snowscapes and chilly weather of wintertime. Capture the beauty of the season, as well as your heartwarming romance, by scheduling your engagement photo shoot in the winter. Here are seven ideas to make the most of your seasonal photographs-as long as you can withstand the cold long enough to say "cheese!"

Use the Snow as a Backdrop

During the cold months, snowy landscapes create a natural background for photographs. Take advantage of these scenes by posing in the middle of a snow-covered field or under trees weighed down by piles of the fluffy stuff. The white-washed background will add interest to your pictures without taking attention away from you and your fiancé. As another advantage, you don't have to worry about the white snow clashing with your outfit choice!

Venture to Seasonal Locations

If you want a background with more visual interest, consider traveling to places that capture the winter aesthetic, like a ski hill or cozy lodge. These places don't look nearly as magical in the warmer seasons, so you'll get a one-of-a-kind engagement photo shoot. Imagine the adorable pictures of you and your fiancé cuddled on a ski lift, bundled in warm snowboarding gear, or lounging by the campfire in a wooden cottage.

Play With Winter Props

Using a few seasonal props can instantly elevate your winter engagement shoot. Here are some clever ideas:

  • Hang a piece of mistletoe from a tree branch and stand underneath while puckering up with your fiancé.
  • Pose in front of twinkling string lights at nighttime, or wrap the strands around yourselves.
  • Nestle your rings in between the grooves of a pinecone.
  • Sip on mugs of warm hot chocolate, leaving an adorable ring of foam around your mouths.
  • Turn your pup into a reindeer with a pet-friendly headband, and include him in the photographs.

With a few cheap props and lots of creativity, the possibilities are endless.

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Personify the Snow

For a completely free prop, turn to the snow! Take a stick and trace shapes-like a heart or your initials-into the ground to add a personalized touch to the pictures. You can also form heart-shaped snowballs and throw a pretend snowball fight. If you're really committed to the winter wonderland theme, lay in the snow with your fiancé and create snow angels. But only make snow angels after all of your other pictures are taken, so you aren't stuck in wet clothing for the rest of your photo shoot.

Capture Festive Candids

Going to pick out your Christmas tree? Embarking on your annual ice skating adventure at the neighborhood pond? Building a snowman in your front yard? Bring your photographer along to capture the moment! Not only will the images make sweetly personal engagement photos, they'll also capture your most beloved wintertime memories.

Embrace the Messy Look

With outdoor winter engagement shoots, you don't have to worry about looking picture-perfect. Wind-strewn hair, bundled layers of clothing, and rosy cheeks all contribute to the natural aesthetic. By not obsessing about your hair and makeup, you can relax and enjoy making memories with your fiancé!

Repurpose Sweet Sayings

All of those cute Christmas song lyrics and classic winter movie lines can be repurposed into your engagement photos! Grab a small chalkboard and write down your favorite line, then display it for the camera. Some of our favorites: "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You". It may be cheesy, but it's completely appropriate for your wedding!

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