Certain stationery upgrades also make your invitations heavier, which means you'll need to shell out more on stamps.

vellum patterned sheet with matching postage stamps

It feels like every couple is looking for a new and exciting way to create wedding invitations, and while there's definitely nothing wrong with mailing out the classic 5 x 7 invite with reception and RSVP cards, creative couples might feel like this format is just too traditional. Now, brides and grooms are looking at alternative options, either printing their stationery on unique types of shapes of paper, or else enhancing an otherwise simple suite with add-ons like wax seals, belly bands, and vellum overlays. While all of these ideas are pleasing to the eye, some may mean you have to pay for extra postage in order to mail them. Here, we break down two of the most common big-day paper details that will likely cost you more to mail.

Wax Seals

Wax seals are an easy way to make your wedding invitations a little more unique. You can either make them as a DIY project or pay your stationer finish the envelopes with your chosen design. While they are beautiful, they add extra weight to your envelopes, and that generally drives up the cost of postage. Before deciding to add them to your invitation suite, have two samples weighed—one with a wax seal and one without—to decide which cost is within your budget.

If the added weight is substantial enough, you will need to add extra postage, or stamps, to each envelope. Generally, a one ounce envelope with a wax seal costs around $0.71 to mail, but it really depends on the weight and size of the invitation and enclosures inside.

Square Envelope

Thinking of having your invitation printed in a more unique size? If you choose square invitations—or even circles that will need to be mailed in a square envelope—expect to pay a little more. A 1 ounce square envelope will also be around $0.71 to mail, which means it will require extra postage. Another thing to note: If the envelope is one ounce and exceeds a ¼ inch thick, you'll need additional postage of $0.21 to send, so make sure to have your sample invitations weighed at the post office before placing your final order.


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