Short answer? Yep.

It may seem easy to overlook a rain plan, but if you're planning an outdoor wedding and reception, you should have a backup plan in place. Sure, odds may not be high that it'll rain on your wedding day, but do you really want to bet on those odds? Here are a few reasons why we strongly encourage having a plan in place.

Ick Factor: Mud

The number one thing couples overlook when deciding whether or not to have a rain plan is mud. If your wedding is outdoors, it's guaranteed to get muddy and slippery after a good rain comes through, and you can bet that that's a recipe for a wedding mess. Consider the ground and flooring first and foremost when planning a wedding rain plan.

You'll Need More Than Umbrellas and Rainboots

If you have the option of taking the day's events indoors, that's usually the simplest and most cost-effective approach to a rain plan. In this case, having umbrellas on-site to get guests to and from the venue is a nice offering. For those who are planning a wedding that's entirely outdoors, your options will be limited to adding a tent with sidewalls, flooring, and ventilation.

Consider a Rain Plan Your Insurance

Rain plans can be really costly endeavours for outdoor weddings. Renting a tent with sidewalls, flooring, and ventilation comes at a high price and a simple overhead tent really won't cut it in the rain. Many rental companies will allow clients to hold a tent with all the weather-ready accessories for a small percentage of the total cost. You'll have to decide whether or not to use it about 48 hours prior to the wedding, so weather forecasts will be your greatest tool.

Plan as Far Ahead as Possible

As many tent rental companies see a big boom in business during rainy months, it's a good idea to get a tent on hold far in advance. Tents tend to sell out on rainy weekends and not being prepared may mean your options are extremely limited at the last minute. If you decide to book a tent in advance, be sure to chat through the options for flooring, marquees, and air flow with your rental representative, as you may need to place all of the accessories on hold as well.

Making the Final Call

The days leading up to a wedding are filled with nerves, but adding a bad weather forecast to the mix makes that stress level spike. Since you'll be well-prepared in advance, this should be an easy decision to make. Chat with the venue, the rental company, your wedding planner, and some close confidants before making your decision of whether to bring in the rain plan. Your guests' comfort is the biggest factor to consider, and being over-prepared is usually preferable to being under-prepared, especially when it comes to rain.


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