It all depends on the size and style you're looking for.
dance floor painted

The dance floor is arguably the most important detail of the entire wedding reception. A packed dance floor means guests are enjoying the party! But when your venue doesn't offer a dance floor, you might be wondering how much you should expect to pay to rent one. We asked Lindsey Shaktman from Mavinhouse Events and Lori Stephenson, owner of Lola Event Productions, to weigh in with their expertise.

The experts agreed that you should expect to see quotes around $1,000 for a dance floor. "Luckily, this price typically includes the instillation costs by the tenting company," Shaktman says. This price point, according to Shaktman, will get you a 20 x 20 dance floor, which should accommodate around 100 dancers.

Stephenson says, "It depends on the size, finish, and the length of time the rental company has to lay it down." When it comes to size, consider whether your guests are the type to dance all night. If your guest list is full of party animals, you'll want to make sure the dance floor can fit almost all of your guests.

On average, though, you can expect to see between 40-70% of your guests on the dance floor at any given time. If you go too big, the dance floor will feel pretty empty even when most of your guests are getting down, but if you go too small, it will discourage guests from dancing. Talk with your planner for advice on the ideal dance floor size. Keep in mind that your wedding location must have enough level ground for the floor to go on. Then, work with the rental company to learn how long it will take them to lay the floor down and if there are any additional service fees.


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