Talk about a weird coincidence.
Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause 2018 Golden Globes
Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty

By pure coincidence, This Is Us actor Justin Hartley crossed paths with his onscreen character, Kevin Pearson, on his wedding day. Entertainment Weekly caught up with one of the drama's producers, who revealed that Hartley and Chrishell Stause's wedding venue was actually used for one of the most intense scenes in the show's second season.

Last night's episode showed the Pearson family hashing out their hurt and anger in an emotional therapy session. "We shot that at Casamigos Ranch in Malibu. And weirdly enough, that's where Justin Hartley was getting married a week later," said producer Isaac Aptaker. "He had to do this brutally intense scene from the show where his character is lashing out and is torn into, and then have this really beautiful wedding in the exact same place."

Apparently, the coincidental crossover didn't stop there. "I think he actually spent his first night as a married man either in the room that Kevin was supposed to be staying in, or the adjacent room. It was just a weird coincidence," he said.

Despite the intensity of the scene-and the gravity of the Pearson clan's current family climate-there's plenty of levity ahead. According to Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the show, we might see his character marry his on-screen girlfriend, Kate, before the season ends. "I guess keep watching and maybe we'll walk down that aisle," Sullivan told Us Weekly. When asked what he and Chrissy Meitz's fictional nuptials would look like, the actor said writers will have to somehow merge their characters' different visions. "I guess we'll figure out what the writers decide to do. They could go either way," he explained. "Kate's a pretty classy lady, Toby's a pretty out there gentleman, sometimes. So we'll see how their tastes combine."

UPDATE: Chrishell actually tweeted us a correction! The scene was filmed following the couple's October 28, 2017, wedding.


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