It involves the Duchess of Sussex's natural makeup.

Meghan Markle Wedding Dress
Credit: Getty

Meghan Markle wowed everyone when she walked down the aisle at Windsor Castle last May, dressed in her iconic Givenchy gown. Her choice in bridal makeup, however, was almost as big of a royal wedding talking point. As it turns out, her big-day glam came together suprisingly quickly, sans makeup trial-in fact, according to the royal Duchess' makeup artist, Daniel Martin, the look's entirety was planned over text message, reports Vogue.

Martin understood exactly what the Duchess needed in terms of bridal makeup-the result of a ten-year-long friendship with the royal. "I knew she just wanted to be radiant, glowy, and polished with nothing too done," he explained, before noting that their busy schedules prevented them from fleshing out the final look in person, prior to May 19.

This wasn't a problem for Martin, who, after seeing Markle's wedding dress, knew that natural was best: "There was so much structure in the dress, that I believe if she had any more makeup on, you wouldn't even look at the dress, and that wasn't the intention."

Challenges like unpredicable lighting-the creative had to give Markle makeup that would look just as pretty in the arrival car as it did in the church-and the fact that the entire day was televised also didn't deter Martin. Though everyone knows he nailed it, he received the ultimate validation from the groom. "After the ceremony Harry kept saying thank you," Martin told People in August 2018. "He was thanking me for making her look like herself."


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