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Princess Mako of Japan
Credit: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Princess Mako of Akishino is no longer a princess. The former royal, who's the eldest granddaughter of Japan's Emperor Akihito, abandoned her title on Sunday. Her renounced status coincided with the announcement that she's engaged to a commoner, Kei Komuro.

Over the weekend, Mako's engagement became official to the public. By agreeing to marry Komuro, she's no longer considered a princess, according to Japanese royal tradition. As previously reported, Mako isn't the first in her family to give up her title. Since World War II, eight other members of the Imperial House have renounced their status to marry.

The announcement of the couple's engagement set into motion a formal engagement ceremony. The event, called Nosai no Gi, involved the groom-to-be presenting gifts. According to The Japan Times, this is one of a few marriage rituals the pair will take part in. Next comes Kokki no Gi, in which the couple's wedding date will be officially revealed.

Mako and Komuro met as college students, and their relationship has blossomed ever since. When Mako first introduced Komuro to her parents, she referred to her then-boyfriend as someone she wanted to "share her future with," reports The Telegraph. While the couple is just now officially sharing their engagement, Komuro proposed back in 2013. He popped the question after dinner one night.

During a press conference after the engagement announcement, Mako gave an adorable statement: "First, I was attracted by his bright smile," she shared of her fiancé.


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