There are age-appropriate ways to include a younger attendant.

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The bachelorette party is a chance to gather the girls for some fun before the wedding. For many brides, this includes drinks and dancing. But what if your bridal party includes a junior bridesmaid, such as a younger sister, niece, or future stepdaughter? "We don't believe brides need to feel obligated to invite junior bridesmaids to the bachelorette party, depending on what the group is doing," says Ashley Amtmann, cofounder of Lemon & Lime Event Design. "If Vegas or Miami is the destination, then it clearly doesn't make sense for an underage gal to join—we're sure her parents would agree!"

If you're worried about her feeling left out, Summer Newman, owner of Summer Newman Events, recommends talking to your miniature 'maid to get a feel for her expectations. You might simply decide to invite her to the bridal shower or schedule some one-on-one time. "However, if you find it more important to spend time with all of your bridesmaids, make it a kid-friendly party," Newman says. "If you're feeling up to it, you can always have two parties!"

If you're going that route, try one of these junior bridesmaid-appropriate alternatives to the traditional bachelorette party. "With all of these ideas, the activities could be in the morning or afternoon, then the younger ladies could head home while the rest of the group continues their night out," Amtmann concludes. We'll cheers to that!

Make it a spa day.

"More and more spas are offering services that accommodate a younger clientele," Newman explains. "It would be fun getting a manicure and pedicure with toxic-free nail polishes or have a yummy chocolate facial."

Do dinner and a movie.

Keep it casual and catch a wedding-related rom-com at the theater, Amtmann offers. "You can even combine movies and a meal!" she adds. "Lots of cities have theaters that serve food right to your seat while you sit back and enjoy your movie."

Invite everyone to a show.

Scour local concert halls for music you can all agree on (ahem, Taylor Swift!). While you're at it, come up with some song requests and dance moves for the reception.

Plan a sleepover.

When's the last time you hosted a slumber party for all your friends? Matching pajamas are a must, as are non-alcoholic drinks, Newman says. "Make it fancy with special glassware and all the garnishes that come with a drink—lime or mint and a salted or sugared rimmed glass," she continues.

Book a class.

Spend a day learning a skill, "perhaps floral arranging or even a cooking or baking class," Amtmann recommends. "For a more athletic group, a yoga or spin class would be fun with a brunch after."

Visit a museum or theme park.

"Even checking out a museum would be an activity that many ages would enjoy," Amtmann adds. "The Color Factory or Museum of Ice Cream are loved by everyone!" You could also embrace the whole kid-friendly thing and opt for a celebration at a theme park like Disneyland.


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