34 Snowy Wedding Photos That Will Make You Want to Get Married This Winter

Bride and Groom Posing with Ice Castle
Photo: Laurie K. Jenson

There's nothing more romantic than a winter wonderland.

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winter wedding portrait
When He Found Her

There's nothing like a white wedding. Whether you wake up on the big day to six feet of snow or see a flurry as you enter the venue, there's a magical component to all that sparkling white. And when it comes to spectacular wedding photos, snow virtually guarantees an awe-inspiring natural backdrop.

Take the following photos from real winter weddings, for example. With everything from gentle sprinkles to full-blown blizzards in the backgrounds, these couples' wintry nuptials were made even more beautiful by snow. To get that perfect shot, some duos braved the cold and posed coat-free in the swirly white. Others huddled together for warmth, prompting the sweetest candids. Our favorite newlyweds gathered their friends and families outside with chunky blankets, so they could exchange vows surrounded by snowflakes. The final result? Let's just say that these incredible moments just might change how you think about winter weddings.

With these photos in mind, we're confident that winter just might upset summer as the most popular time of year to tie the knot. Nothing against warmer-weather celebrations, of course, but there's just no sunny equivalent to snow. And when it comes to wedding symbolism, you can't beat an impromptu snowfall. The world becomes a blank slate of white—the perfect chance for a fresh, clean, and pure start. Click through to see all of these couple's snowiest wedding photos. If you're planning a cold-weather fête, these images might have you praying for snow. We know we are.

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Snowy Wedding Photo with Bride and Groom
Dez and Tam Photography

If these newlyweds' faces are any indication, making the snow work for their wedding was no work at all.

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Horsing Around

Bride and Groom with Horses
Rebecca Hollis Photography

A broad, open landscape and two ponies made this wintry shot frame-worthy.

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Dashing Through the Snow

Bride and Groom Running in Snow
Sam Jasper

The dash inside after spending an hour shooting outdoors led to this perfect candid.

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Mountain Kiss

Bride and Groom Kissing on Mountain
Erica Rose Photography

At a mountaintop in Girdwood, Alaska, this couple celebrated a nine-year-long engagement and the birth of their daughter with a kiss.

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Bride and Groom Posing with Ice Castle
Laurie K. Jenson

This natural "ice castle" in Edmonton, Canada, was pure backdrop drama.

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Winter Stroll

Bride and Groom Walk in Snow
Blaine Siesser

For this couple, walking in a winter wonderland was even better with their new spouse by their side.

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City Streets

Bride and Groom in City Street
Cynthia Chung Weddings

A slushy, snowy New York City street made for an unexpected yet romantic background.

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Ski Lift Kiss

Couple Kissing on Ski Lift
Studio Nouveau

When it was time to choose a next-level wedding exit, this duo landed on a "Just Married" ski lift ride.

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Under My Umbrella

Bride and Groom Under Umbrella
Ashley Caroline

A groom kept his new wife warm and dry by pulling her close and shielding her from the elements.

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Winter Lake

Bride by a Lake
Momento Cativo

Lingering orange leaves and aquamarine waters made this snowy scene a colorful masterpiece.

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Puppy Love

Bride with Dog
Gideon Photo

It looks like this pup loved his mom's wintry wedding day even more than she did.

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Suspended in Snow

Bride on a Bridge
Emily Delamater Photography

Warm in a black velvet cape, the bride ventured across a snowy walking bridge to make this photo happen.

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Pine Backdrop

Bride and Groom in front of Evergreens
Simply Sarah Photography

For the newlyweds, snow-topped evergreens symbolized undying love.

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Unexpected Snowfall

Couple Laughing During Snowfall
Tara McMullen Photography

A "freak snowstorm" rumbled in on this couple's wedding day—but the snowflakes looked lovely on the blooms and the bride.

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A Dip and a Kiss

Couple Kissing in Front of Sign
Smile Peace Love Creative

To celebrate saying "I do," this groom dipped and kissed his bride on a city sidewalk.

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Bride Blowing Snow
The Light + Color

Snow made the ultimate substitute for glitter or confetti in this classic shot.

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Two-Horse Open Sleigh

Bride and Groom on Sleigh with Horses
Rebecca Hollis Photography

After walking up the aisle, the newlyweds headed to their reception in a horse-pulled sleigh—a classic winter touch.

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Winter Perch

Bride and Groom Sitting in Snow
Koman Photography

A snowy nook, complete with a holly garland, pillows, and blankets, kept the couple dry and warm as their wedding photographer worked.

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Snow on the Mountain

Heather Payne Photography

Surrounded by pine trees, a teal lake, and snow-spotted mountains, this bride and groom had nature's best elements as wedding guests.

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Top of the Mountain

bride and groom portrait snow mountains
Lacie Hansen Photography

Since skiing was at the heart of this Denver-based couple's relationship, a photo (with rustic skis!) at the top of an Aspen mountain was a must.

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Snowy Teepee

James & Schulze

As their guests filed into the ceremony, these two had their first look in an open branch teepee.

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Winter Bouquet

winter wedding portrait
When He Found Her

A bouquet of white roses and cascading vines was the perfect complement to the white and green wintry setting.

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Huddled Together

Snow wedding
When He Found Her

This bride gathered together with her 'maids for warmth in chilly temps—the cool weather made for a sweet shot.

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Evergreen Color Scheme

Shannon Von Eschen

The surrounding snow and evergreen trees inspired this couple's green and white color palette.

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Ski Lodge

Aaron Delesie

This bride spent many family vacations in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and (years later!) tied the knot there in a glam ski-lodge wedding. It was filled with bursts of metallic gold to play off Colorado's snowy landscape.

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Snowy Accessories

Stacey Hedman

A plaid blanket for the bride, white pashminas for her 'maids, and snow boots for all were the perfect winter add-ons for this Vermont wedding.

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Warm Feet

Erin Kate Photography

To stay warm for photos and the outdoor ceremony, this bride wore white Uggs and then slipped into heels she and her husband went indoors.

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Love Will Keep You Warm

Kate Osborne

This bride cited adrenaline—and love!—as the reason for not feeling Utah's below-freezing temps.

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Diamond Run

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

After the ceremony, the newlyweds strapped on skis and rode the lift to the top of the mountain to pose for photos on the slopes.

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Braving the Elements

Genevieve Leiper Photography

Every married couple weathers a few storms, but this bride faced a squall before she got down the aisle. After a blizzard compromised her original venue, she and her fiancé relocated (last minute!) to an outdoor space, where their 100 guests braved the elements in formal attire.

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Cozy Up

Cassidy Rehwaldt

This bride cozied up in a fur wrap, while her husband opted for a trendy fedora.

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Winter-Ready 'Maids

O'Malley Photographers

In vintage fur stoles, seven bridesmaids kept warm against the February chill at this wedding in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

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Storm Nemo

Stacey Hedman

Historic Winter Storm Nemo came raging through Vermont just before this couple's wedding weekend, but the blustery night made way for blue skies and fresh snow come Saturday morning—the perfect backdrop for a dramatic bridge photo.

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Snowy Elopement

Erin Kate Photography

While this duo wanted to ring in the New Year with a Utah wedding, they also didn't want to impose on their would-be guests during the holidays. Their solution? They eloped during a vacation at the Washington School House Hotel with their four closest friends.

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