Sources close to the royal say the pair may get married somewhere private.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Credit: Getty Images

It's been quiet in the world of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as of late, but that doesn't mean their relationship isn't still going strong. In fact, it appears that the two are closer than ever to making things official, with sources close to the royal saying an engagement could happen as soon as August. But before you hold out hope for another Westminster Abbey wedding à la Prince William and Duchess Kate, know that the word is that Harry and Meghan may be toying with the idea of an elopement.

According to Us Weekly, a source close to the couple says that Harry has suggested to Meghan "that they could get married somewhere private and elope rather than having a showy wedding." An oceanfront ceremony would be in keeping with Meghan's own style-she married her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, on a Jamaican beach in 2011. If she and Harry do make it official, though, we're betting they'll chose a spot that's more meaningful to them.

But you can't have a wedding without a proposal, and the source that's dishing on the nuptial plans is also saying Harry could pop the question as soon as August 4, Meghan's birthday. Meanwhile, another insider says, "My money is on a fall engagement." Either way, it sounds like a proposal is certainly on the horizon.

Harry has reportedly been thinking about marriage for some time, and a source says he's committed to making his relationship with Meghan work. "He wants to get married and have kids," they say. "He's smitten."


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