You want to be prepared for anything.
stephanie tim wedding walking on sidewalk

You're ready to let loose and enjoy yourself by the time your wedding finally rolls around. After a year (or more!) of planning, you've narrowed down every last detail, but that doesn't mean you know exactly what to expect from your wedding day. To help you be entirely prepared, we're sharing a few tips about the big day that you probably haven't heard yet.

You're going to forget to do things.

You will be so wrapped up in the events of the day that you'll probably forget to do at least one simple thing, like eating, putting on deodorant, or drinking enough water. Don't worry, though: This is why you have your bride tribe to help you out. Coordinate with one of your bridesmaids and put her in charge of making sure you are mindful of taking care of yourself during the day.

Something won't go as planned.

It's inevitable. You can't plan for everything and you can't control everyone's actions. With that said, it's better to go into the day with the expectation that perfection is hard to achieve. That way, if something does go wrong, it's not going to ruin your day. Being sane is better than being in control, so let those around you help. Plus, it's important to remember that guests won't know that your roses are a slightly darker pink than you planned, or that your sparklers were supposed to be heart-shaped, not straight lines. They'll just remember a happy couple and a beautiful event.

The time flies by.

One moment, you'll be sitting in the hairdresser's chair and getting your manicure done. Then, before you know it, you're saying your goodbyes and leaving the reception. Make sure to take the time to soak in every moment, especially with your new spouse, as the day goes by faster than you could ever imagined.

You'll be exhausted.

You're going to be wiped out by the time the party is over. Between greeting guests, taking photos, and dancing the night away, you won't have many opportunities to sit down. Plus, you probably had an early wake-up call to start hair and makeup. Be sure to get an adequate amount of rest during the days before your wedding so that you don't crash after.


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