Chris Harrison has details.
Lauren Bushnell's diamond engagement ring from the Bachelor
Credit: Lauren Bushnell via Instagram

It's no secret the marriage success rate among Bachelor finalists is pretty depressing. But after the latest Bachelor breakup to rock our worlds (Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell announced their decision to split just this week), we have one lingering question: Where do all the Bachelor rings go when the engagements are called off?

Chris Harris has some of the particulars–and a few ideas of his own, too. "[The rings] go to heaven," he quipped to ET. "I really don't know, because obviously Neil Lane gives these rings, but I think we own the rings at a certain point. Well, not me. I'd be cashing in my diamonds and living in Hawaii." The Bachelor host did offer up a few concrete details along with his jokes. "The rings that are given back go back to [the production company] Next Entertainment or whoever," he said. "There is probably a vault or bucket of just rings."

While a source told ET couples are only required to return the rings if they break up within two years of the finale, Harrison did shut down the idea of couples recycling their rings in future relationships. "Here's the thing, what do you do with those rings? You don't want one," he said. "You can't give it to the [next] girl you love, because that's a tainted ring and it obviously didn't work out. That's bad juju. So I don't know what you do with those rings. Maybe we sell them back to Neil Lane."

Former contestant Ashley Iaconetti has her own thoughts about what happens to those iconic engagement rings, which are estimated to cost between $50,000 and $100,000. "[Production will] keep it, they return it to Neil Lane…I have no idea," Iaconetti said. "[Maybe] Neil Lane asks for it back. I actually just think they have it in a drawer." A drawer filled with Neil Lane diamond engagement rings? Now that's a drawer we'd like to set our eyes on.


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