At least according to design duo Tish and Brandi Cyrus!
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Tish and Brandi Cyrus-mother and sister to Miley Cyrus, respectively-are working on a new television show about their interior design careers. While they'll be tackling home makeovers on Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer, it sounds like the mother-daughter duo have another big project in the works: Planning Miley's wedding.

Billy Ray Cyrus Wants to Officiate Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Wedding!

"Whether I would have done a show or not, I would have always been working on her house or her wedding," Tish told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm in there. My kids are everything to me. So no matter what they do, I'm there."

As far as that rumor about Miley secretly wedding? It was just a case of a proud dad gushing innocently on social media (see above). "I looked at the picture, and I'm like, Brandi was like, 'Why does everybody think that?!'" shared Tish. "I was like, in that top?! What? Are you crazy?" Brandi concurred. Tish went on to say that "if Miley was getting married, it would not be in that dress!" For her part, Brandi's convinced that her little sis would've worn something more "fabulous." We have to agree!

Noah Cyrus, Miley's mini-me, was also quick to deny the rumors, as was Billy Ray Cyrus himself, who told fans not to "jump the gun," reports Entertainment Tonight. Fingers crossed the wedding comes soon though. We'd love to get a look at Tish and Brandi's planning skills, not to mention get a glimpse of Miley's sure-to-be "fabulous wedding dress."


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