You'll want to stand out from the crowd of your wedding day.
Bride Getting Makeup Done

It's okay to want to make a statement on your wedding day, especially when it comes to your beauty look. This is your one day to shine as the bride, which is why it's important to choose a makeup look that's different from what you do every day-and from what your bridesmaids will be doing. As a professional makeup artist, I do whatever it takes to ensure the bride's beauty look is a little more special than the bridesmaids', even if it means hiding my prettiest eyeshadow or boldest lashes from the rest of the group. Talk to your makeup artist about a few unique touches you'd like for the wedding day, and ask that she saves these enhancements for you alone. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your beauty look is just a little bit different from the rest of your bridal party's.


Most makeup artists will encourage everyone in the party to wear fake eyelashes, as it will enhance every woman's look and photograph beautifully. With that being said, talk to your makeup artist about how your faux lash look can be a little different or more dramatic. Choosing lashes with a little extra length and volume will help your eyes really pop.


Most makeup artists will choose just one or two different lip colors for the entire bridal party, which helps with time but also creates a cohesive look in photos. Ask your makeup artist to give you a look that's complementary but different-if you want something bold, go a little darker; if you prefer a bright lip, try a more vibrant color in the same color family that your bridesmaids have on. It seems like such a small detail, but a slightly different lip will really help set your look apart.

Eye Shadow Color

It's important that your eye shadow enhances the color, shape, and size of your eye, but adding a little something extra never hurts. Often the bride's eye look will have more smoke, more sparkle, or more liner, so that she feels like her makeup has a little bit more drama than everyone else. Be sure to communicate what you do and don't like about eye makeup to your artist so that they can help you achieve a slightly more special look that you still feel comfortable with.


Whether it's a barely-there shimmering body cream for her décolletage, a glitter shadow stamped on her eyelid, or a sparkly gloss swiped across her lip, the bride gets the most sparkle no matter what. This is your day to shine, and you should insist on every added touch that will make your skin and features shine and glow a little bit more than everyone else's.


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