Hanging Décor Ideas Guaranteed to Elevate Your Wedding

wedding chandelier with roses and greenery wood beams
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Finding design inspiration for your wedding day isn't always easy. Although there's no shortage of great ideas out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones actually work together. One thing is for sure: You want to avoid busy, cluttered decorations that will leave your guests feeling overwhelmed. Of all the ways we've seen couples transform their wedding venues, one of our favorites involves making a statement from above. Instead of crowding tables with tons of candles and flowers, highlight your venue's high ceilings or unique architecture with hanging décor. Bringing in decorative details from overhead also virtually guarantees a breathtaking effect—your guests definitely won't expect to see a full-blown installation suspended mid-air.

What kind of hanging décor can you consider for you big day? The options are pretty much limitless, but we're particularly fond of overhead lighting, florals, ceremony canopies, and chandeliers. And if all those options sound enticing to you, don't be afraid to mix-and-match. This display by wedding and event designer Rachel A. Clingen perfectly exemplifies how multiple elements can work together to enhance the ambience of an entire space. The combined look of wood-beaded chandeliers surrounded by hung roses and greenery seamlessly elevated this party's décor.

So, if your venue allows, play up towering ceilings, decorate your gorgeous white tent, or highlight the open skies above at an outdoor bash. Whatever type of wedding you're having—and no matter what your venue looks like—top-down décor is sure to wow. From grand chandeliers to pretty paper lanterns, get inspired by the hanging decorations at these weddings.

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Colorful Clouds

wedding tent with colorful dried florals and overhead arrangement
Dev Khalsa

To transform an average tent into something statement-worthy, Heather Minor Events worked with a creative bride to execute a gradient color story across the floral tabletop garlands and overhead arrangements made by Two Hands Floral. "I wanted it to be organic and not perfect," notes the bride, Abbi. "Whatever chandelier you were sitting underneath, you had matching flowers on the tabletop." As for the finishing touch? Neutral linens from La Tavola (sourced from That's Entertainment), which kept the attention on the unique blooms.

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Wooden Lanterns

hanging Wooden Lanterns over reception tables
Alexandra Elise Photography

Balloon Effects strung wooden lanterns above long tablescapes for an outdoorsy and whimsical feel.

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Inverted Garden

haylie brad wedding reception tent
A Bryan Photo

Valerie Gernhauser of Sapphire Events dreamed up this inverted garden of tulips, which consisted of 24,000 cut flowers shipped from Holland; they were hung individually from a metal frame.

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Geometric Gold Structures

Geometric Gold hanging Structures with floral decor
Jana Dillon Photography

Geometric structures adorned with romantic blooms by Steven Boyle Design modernized the look of this spring wedding's tent.

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Ethereal Greenery

large hanging greenery decor
Lauren Fair Photography

Bello and Blue Events constructed the perfect overhead display for this classic celebration: A chandelier of greenery accented by white delphiniums was the only pop of color in the entire space.

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Tree Chandelier

small hanging outdoor chandelier with greenery accents
Leah Marie Photography

This small-scale chandelier blended in with the surrounding trees perfectly thanks to greenery and blooms added by Sam Barrett Events.

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Flower Box

upside-down hanging flower box above table
Milk + Honey Photography Co.

This genius upside-down flower box created by Milk + Honey, was filled with a stunning mix of springy blooms by Nectar Florals.

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Greenery Vines

hanging circular frame with greenery vines dangling down
Nichols Photographers

Greenery vines, which Davy Gray strung from overhead hoops, cascaded over long, modern dinner tables at this reception.

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Floating Tropical Florals

Floating Tropical Florals above reception table
Kat Willson

This abstract arrangement of tropical florals by Celsia Floral looked as if it were floating above this super luxe reception table.

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Sunny Wreath

yellow floral and greenery wreathe hanging above table
Sara Weir Photography

A large wreath of sunny blooms, branches, and greenery by Paven Floral was displayed above the wooden altar at this outdoor ceremony.

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Whimsical Canopy

canopy of greenery hanging over wedding ceremony chairs
Tatyana Chaiko Photography

White Eden Weddings' greenery-filled canopy, which served as the focal point at this garden ceremony, featured longer strands of ascending white delphiniums, which were magically whimsical.

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Open-Air Structure

hawaii wedding dinner table hanging tropical buds
KT Merry

Tropical buds by Mandy Grace Designs fell from the beams of this venue's open-air structure. They looked lovely alongside an elegant crystal chandelier.

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Rustic Chic

chandelier with greenery and rustic decor accents
James and Schulze Photography

A mix of rustic greenery, roses, irises, and cascading pampas grass framed this crystal chandelier thanks to the combined efforts of LMD productions and Lale Florals.

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Rose Chandelier

carey jared wedding installation
Anna Shackleford

This floral chandelier by Urban Petals—comprised of cream, pale yellow, and orange roses and dangling tealight candles—hovered above the buffet table at this reception.

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Grandeur Crystals

jess todd wedding seattle secret garden ceremony
Belathée Photography

Steven Moore hung a crystal chandelier from the center of this secret garden-themed ceremony, which made a statement on the aisle.

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Cheery Altar

large hanging floral and greenery decor above wedding alter
Michael Radford

An arrangement of bright blooms and pastel-hued greenery by Oak and the Owl drew guest's attention to the altar.

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Chinese Paper Lanterns

hanging gold Chinese Paper Lanterns
Pepper and Light Photography

Toronto Paper Lanterns supplied thes golden orbs displayed at this celebration. The lanterns added to the cultural aesthetic of the day.

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Tuscan Archways

greenery vines hung in archway
Stella G. Photography

Inspired by a weeping willow tree, Moustakis Flower Company loosely hung greenery from this outdoor venue's arched doorways for a dreamy effect.

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Glowing Lanterns

glara matthew wedding guests at tables
Heather Waraksa

Guests dined beneath a glowing collection of string lights and swinging lanterns; the installation lit up rows of hanging greenery by Saipua.

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Hanging Garden

haylie bradley wedding louisiana reception tables
A Bryan Photo

Chandeliers, garlands by Kim Starr Wise Floral Events, and hanging topiaries added to this reception's elegant, garden-inspired aesthetic.

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