Her husband just turned 48!
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Credit: Jenny McCarthy via Instagram

Donnie Wahlberg is 48! The singer, who's married to Jenny McCarthy, celebrated his birthday yesterday. In honor of the occasion, McCarthy did as any doting celebrity wife would do: She took to Instagram to write her husband a sweet message.

"To my sun and stars... you are my superman, my oxygen, my teacher, my future, & my one and only," she shared. "This world is a better place because of you and I am so honored to grow younger with you through the years," she added. The caption was written under a black-and-white photo of the couple.

Last month, Entertainment Tonight caught up with the married pair. "For five years I went without a real relationship and I just kept saying, 'The one will come. The one will come,' and boom, he came into my life," McCarthy shared. "I wasn't sure in the beginning. Donnie was a guest on my talk show and I [thought], 'He's smart, he's funny,' and then by the second month I knew I was in love with him. We FaceTimed at least 17 times a day. And, every single night we're apart, we FaceTime sleeping the entire night. I sleep next to the phone and he sleeps and we wake up like that." The spouses tied the knot in 2014, and their third anniversary is coming up this month.

Recently, Wahlberg posted an adorable note for McCarthy. "Your support means everything to me, Lady!" he shared. "You make me better in every way. I love you."


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