Avoid losing your precious bling!
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You got engaged and now have a big trip coming up-whether it's a post-proposal vacation, a destination wedding, or even your honeymoon-and one question instantly hits you: How do you travel with your diamond ring without ruining or losing it? There have been far too many sad stories of women losing their prized possession while traveling. And you've probably heard them, too. Rings have been lost in the ocean, they've been stolen out of hotel rooms, and they've even been straight-up ruined on what was supposed to be a fun and adventerous activity. To keep your engagement ring safe while you're jetsetting, follow these tips from the jewelers who've heard it all.

Get Your Ring Insured

There's a good chance your engagement ring is already insured, but if it's not, it's an absolute must. If anything happens on your trip, you'll be covered. "Jewelry is meant to be worn every day, and we totally understand how hard it is to part with your ring and leave it at home. But before you go anywhere or do anything, get the ring insured," says Jennifer Gandia, owner of Greenwich St Jewelers in New York City.

Make Sure Your Stones Aren't Loose

It's smart to get your stones checked on a regular basis to be sure that nothing is loose, but getting your ring examined before traveling is especially important. "A loose-or even missing-diamond is inevitable with everyday wear, but you can tap your nail along the outside of each stone to feel for anything wiggling," says Taylor Lanore of Lauren B Jewelry in New York City. "If you find movement, be extra careful until you're able to take it to your engagement ring jeweler. Regardless, rest assured: It's a super easy fix."

Don't Wear It During Active Outings

We know, we know-you want to show that sparkly bling off everywhere you go. But it's best to leave it in a safe place while you're doing something active. "Traveling with jewelry is really a judgement call based off of the location. If you're doing something active like rock climbing or an intense sport, definitely avoid wearing your ring. You could hurt the ring, and believe it or not, yourself. It's just not worth it," Gandia says.

Keep It Clean

Your engagement ring can easily become less shiny on a daily basis due to normal wear, but things are really turned up a notch on trips. "With sunscreen in particular, it's best to take your ring off while applying since that tends to get into the crevices of the setting," says Genne Laakso, wedding and engagement studio manager at Catbird in Brooklyn, New York. "You can simply use a toothbrush, soap, and fresh water to get rid of any salt water, sunscreen, or other post-vacation build-up."

Make Sure It's a Tight Fit

The last thing you want is to have a Titantic-style moment where your precious jewel sinks to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. The first step in preventing a loss is making sure your ring isn't going to slip off your finger. "If you're traveling to the beach, for example, you should check to be sure your ring fits really well, especially if there's swimming and sunscreen involved. That could make it slip off even easier," Gandia says.

Lock It Up

To make sure your ring won't get lost or stolen during your trip, leave it back in your hotel room during certain outings-particularly when you're heading to the beach or pool. "Grab a zippered pouch for storage and utilize the hotel safe. Only take your ring off in the room and put it directly in the pouch and straight into the safe," Gandia says.

Get a Less Expensive Ring for Travel

It's not cheating on your engagement ring, we promise. Many women choose to get a less expensive ring to wear while traveling, and there are many fun options to choose from, says Gandia. That way your finger won't feel completely naked while you go about your adventure, and your actual engagement ring will be safe and cozy at home patiently waiting for your return.


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