The little guy is apparently Justin Timberlake's mini-me.
Jessica Biel and son Silas
Credit: Jessica Biel via Instagram

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake welcomed their son, Silas, two years ago. Now, the proud mom is dishing on her kid, and his relationship with his famous dad. Biel shared news about her happy family on the set of Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, reports People, and what she had to say said was seriously so adorable.

When asked where Silas gets his stylish kiddie clothes, Biel revealed they were all Timberlake's doing. "He's a mini Justin, it's his style," the actress said. "He's got, like, a daddy swagger." If it's not cute enough that Silas and Timberlake dress alike, she previously admitted that they're basically "the same person." Similar to now, the star told People then that Silas is essentially "a mini version" of her spouse. In that interview, the celeb also said the two share hobbies. "They like to sit and watch golf together. The only TV that Silas is allowed to watch is the Golf Channel, which is really funny."

While on The Tonight Show, Biel also shared one of her top parenting tips. "I do not leave the house [without snacks]," she told Fallon. "I'm gonna have pretzels, veggie sticks, apple-I'm going to have supplies!" We're dying to see Timberlake and little Silas in matching outfits, or at the very least, sharing some pretzels together. The father-son duo actually did coordinate once-for Halloween in 2016.


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