The singer was spotted at a courthouse with the model, who was wearing white.

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin Engaged
Credit: Getty Images

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding plans may not be postponed after all. TMZ just spotted the singer and the model at a courthouse that issues marriage licenses. But that's only part of the evidence that suggests that the duo's official nuptials are right around the corner.

TMZ reports that the stars appeared at the New York, New York, establishment yesterday. Hailey was wearing white for the occasion, leaving fans to wonder if the couple actually tied the knot. According to one source, Justin told Hailey, "I can't wait to marry you, baby," while they were there. They're also said to have met with a judge-someone who's licensed to officiate weddings. Yet another eyewitness even posed that the couple was planning to leave the country post-visit-were they referencing their honeymoon?

Interestingly enough, an insider assured People that the couple isn't married yet. "They have hired a wedding planner and have been looking at venues," the source explained, adding, "The plan for now is to have a real wedding." That aligns with what Hailey recently revealed in an interview with The Cut. She told the outlet that she's envisioning a 2019 wedding in the woods somewhere on the West Coast. "I just picture lights strung everywhere," she mused. She also confirmed news that her sister, Alaia Baldwin, is in their wedding party. "And maybe Justin's little sister as a flower girl. Is 10 too old?" she asked.

While we can't confirm exactly why Justin and Hailey were spotted at the courthouse, we do know one thing for sure: Hailey's family is ready for the wedding whenever it comes. In her interview with The Cut, she said that her relatives are fully supportive of the union. "I said to [my parents], 'You'd stop me if you didn't think this was the right decision, right?' And they didn't," she explained. "I think they love him more than me!" Hailey's aunt, Hilaria Baldwin, also commented on the couple's upcoming nuptials. "You see these people in your life, and you say, 'You are definitely meant to be,'" she told Us Weekly.


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