Here are all the factors to take into consideration.
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Whether your wedding party sits in the audience or stands by your side during while you recite your vows is entirely up to you, but there are a few factors that can help you decide. From the size of your wedding party to the venue's setup and the length of the ceremony itself, we're covering all the details you'll want to consider before making your final decision about whether or not your bridesmaids or groomsmen stand during your "I dos."

Wedding Party Size

If your wedding party is a larger group, say more than six people per side, having all dozen or more stand during the ceremony can make the space feel unnecessarily crowded. This is a case where seating the group may be the best solution. With a larger group, guests also tend to get distracted by the fidgeting bridesmaids and groomsmen and tend to be less focused on your actual vows.

Ceremony Layout

Every venue has a layout that works best for ceremonies, and that's something you'll want to consider when determining where your bridal party should be located during your vows. If it's a tight space, you may have to seat the wedding party. On the other hand, if you're in a big, open field, having a large wedding party arranged to flank either side of the altar can make the space feel more intimate and defined.

The Overall Look

If you've decided to let your wedding party wear whatever they'd like for your wedding day, you might feel more comfortable having them seated rather than standing during the ceremony for the sake of a cohesive look.

Length of Ceremony

Depending on the length of your ceremony, you might have the officiant ask the wedding party to be seated partway through the ceremony so you can have some photos with them and some without. You can also choose to keep best man and maid of honor with you the whole time, especially if they're involved in the ceremony in any way.

Personal Preference

Some couples simply prefer to be the only ones standing with their officiant. If that's the case, you'll just want to be sure that you have assigned seating set aside for the wedding party. This could be a special pew that's set beside the altar, or could be the second row of seating. When you have the ceremony rehearsal, you can fill your wedding party in on the details of where they'll be seated and when. Other couples prefer to be flanked by the love and support of their chosen wedding party crew. There's really no right or wrong solution, just whatever is best for you as a couple and for your friends and family.


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