From roasting s'mores to visiting hot springs.

Winter weddings aren't for everyone, but for couples who love to adventure outdoors in the snow, there's nothing more romantic. If you are tying the knot during late December, January, February, or early March, why not embrace the chilly season and some of its beloved activities? To keep things cool and cozy at your wedding (or pre-wedding events), here are a few seasonal ideas to consider.

Hot Spring Hopping

If you're tying the knot in a locale where hot springs are plentiful, book an afternoon before or after the wedding for you and your 'maids to relex in the geothermal waters. While not all bridesmaids will love snow sports, spending a day in this relaxing, natural spa-like setting is a seriously amazing treat.

Light a Fire

Most winter weddings take place indoors, but you may want to set up an outdoor space for guests who want a breath of fresh air. Set up fire pits or a campfire, then provide Adirondack chairs for seating, stock the space with cozy blankets, and offer DIY s'mores kits.

Bourbon Tasting

Set up a bourbon and after-dinner cordials tasting station at your wedding. If you're concerned about this being too busy an attraction, you can schedule this mini-bar to open just an hour or two before the wedding's end. You might also consider hiding it in a less noticeable area of the venue so guests feel like they've stumbled upon a secret bar.

Build an Igloo

It's not a small task, but building an igloo is an activity every winter enthusiast should try at least once. Maybe the groomsmen can work on this project between ski sessions, setting it up in a location that's easy for guests to pop by for a photo op. Talk about an unexpected photo booth backdrop.

Serve Warm Beverages

Mulled wine and hot spiked cider are tasty (and warming!) signature drink options. You might consider having your own disposable coffee cups made for the occasion so guests can sip their treat while walking from the ceremony to cocktail hour.

Make Gingerbread Houses

Host a gingerbread house making party for your wedding shower or rehearsal dinner. Challenge guests to design a gingerbread house that looks like your wedding chapel or your first home together.


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