A restaurant definitely isn't your only option.
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With the warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and excitement about being outdoors again, spring is a gorgeous time of year to host a wedding. As you'll want your rehearsal dinner to celebrate the beset of the season, here are some festive, fun ideas for a seasonal pre-wedding party.

Supper Club in a Field

What better way to embrace spring than to head outdoors? There are various catering companies that specialize in outdoor supper clubs, and this could be quite the hit with your rehearsal dinner party crew. Not sure where to head for the occasion? Consult a few local catering teams and find out if they know of any public parks, private estates, or wide-open spaces where you can bring in a big, long table and a select group of your nearest and dearest.

Seafood Boil

The casual atmosphere of a crab, lobster, or crawfish boil is always a hit, as it's low-key and a lot of fun for guests to get their hands dirty. Late spring is a great time to cover a few big tables in butcher paper and throw a spread of fresh boiled seafood, corn, and potatoes down the center.

Barn Barbeque

The classic country style barbecue is a popular, casual rehearsal dinner option for the spring season. If you have access to a barn, it's always fun to dress up an otherwise rustic space. Hay bales can be used for casual seating and carriages for hay rides. (Hey, you may as well hire a bluegrass band a banjo player as entertainment, too.)

Local Farm

Your local flower or strawberry farm could be a great place to gather for your rehearsal dinner. Spring's bounty is meant to be celebrated, and local farms are often available for event rentals. To keep it easy to plan, stick with one of their recommended caterers.

Gallery with an Outdoor Element

Art galleries with outdoor space are a great option for rehearsal dinners if you're at all worried about spring showers, as the indoor/outdoor venue setup gives some flexibility and weather-proof insurance. For an urban wedding, galleries are also a great way to show your out-of-town guests a side of your city they may not otherwise have a chance to see.


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