And her veil!

By Emily Platt
September 18, 2018
Meghan Markle Wedding Dress
Credit: Getty

Queen of the World, a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II, won't premiere until next Tuesday, September 25. Nevertheless, footage from the project has already been released. A recent preview gives a look inside the special, and fans have noticed one very notable guest star: The monarch's new granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

In the clip, which was shared by ITV, the Duchess of Sussex makes a brief-but significant-appearance. She's shown viewing her wedding dress and bridal veil for the first time since her royal wedding to Prince Harry, as they're being prepared for a new palace exhibit. The duchess lets out a gasp as she looks over the pieces, then reaches out to touch her headpiece, completely in awe.

Markle wore a simple Givenchy gown for her May 19, 2018, nuptials, which she accessorized with a custom veil. The personalized piece featured hand-embroidered flowers representing each member of the United Kingdom's Commonwealth-something that the duchess was undeniably humbled by. "53 countries, oh my goodness," she says in the Queen of the World preview. "It'll keep us busy," she adds, referencing her and her now-husband's roles as royals.

It's no wonder Markle makes an appearance in the queen's documentary. The two have bonded over the last year, and it's clear that the monarch has taken a liking to the former actress. In fact, she was one of the only people to get an early look at Markle's wedding dress. Plus, as the Queen of the World teaser notes, the special is about both the queen's legacy and her "hand[ing] down her duties to the next generation."


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