It's important to feel comfortable with this person.
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Whether you want to get married in a religious ceremony but don't belong to a house of worship or you're planning a civil service but don't personally know any judges or county clerks, you'll have to find an officiant to preside over your vows. It's important that you feel comfortable being with that person since they'll play such a pivotal role in your wedding. (If you're thinking of asking a family member or friend to become an ordained minister for the day, you don't have to worry about this because presumably you're already at ease and get along well with them.) But don't just look at a list of officiants and randomly pick one. Do some research on possible candidates then meet anyone who you think might be a good fit for you and the groom, much the same way you plan on interviewing florists, photographers, and wedding planners.

You don't have to become best friends, but there should be some sort of connection to them. Here are a few signs you've found an officiant that both you and your future spouse click with.

It's easy to talk to her.

She's patient, a good listener, and a confident speaker. When you talk about your relationship, she asks questions and takes notes. Not only is she not judgmental, but you also feel comfortable opening up to her.

She's open-minded to your ideas.

Rather than offer you a standard script that she won't deviate from, she explains the essential parts of the ceremony and then asks for your input so she can create a customized service that reflects the two of you and tells your story.

She has time for you.

You don't feel rushed when talking to her; in fact, she makes you feel like she's got all the time in the world for you, whether you're meeting in person or talking on FaceTime.

She seems like a genuinely nice person.

She cares about people, the environment, and making the world a better place. You're excited to let her be part of your new adventure!


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