The former athelete says that his future bride's "superpower" is her ability to do it all.

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Alex Rodriguez can't stop singing his praises for Jennifer Lopez, his bride-to-be. In fact, the former baseball star revealed to The New York Times that he is in awe of his fiancée's "superpower," which involves this singer's ability to do it all. "It was strange to see someone of such magnitude be so normal, be such a great mother and partner and friend. How can you be like this and then go perform in front of 80,000 people?" he explained.

Rodriguez's words of admiration didn't stop there. He added that he has never met anyone more honest than the pop star: "She's so authentic and genuine." It's clear that these qualities helped Rodriguez realize that Lopez was the one, something the singer knew after just one year of dating, she recently told SiriusXM Hits.

Although Lopez knew that her feelings for Rodriguez were real, she was surprisingly hesitant about pursuing the relationship. "Everything just seemed almost too perfect too soon," she told the radio show. But, despite her nerves, she admitted that the proposal happened at "the right time."

There's proof of this-the couple has never been happier than they are now. In fact, Lopez revealed to People post-engagement that she and Rodriguez "have [an] appreciation for where we are in our lives today, and that's what we're enjoying the most." Another major source of joy? The couple has created a beautifully blended family; Lopez, Rodriguez, and their respective children do everything together. The singer also told the publication that the duo knows and supports one another's dreams and "feel like we're stronger" together.


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