Best parents ever?!
justin timberlake jessica biel halloween 2017
Credit: Justin Timberlake via Instagram

If you're anything like us, you were obsessed with Toy Story as a kid. The movie is a classic and incredibly family-friendly, which is why we're equally as obsessed with the costumes Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel chose to wear this Halloween. Both stars took to Instagram to celebrate the holiday, and showed off their amazing getups.

The couple posted photos of their costumes last night, showing fans that Timberlake dressed as Buzz Lightyear, Biel was Jesse, and their son, Silas, wore a Woody outfit. "If you see us in these streets then have your candy ready," the singer captioned the snapshot he posted. "All geared up and ready for action," the actress wrote under hers. "Plus I may go hit on that Buzz," she added playfully. She later shared another image, showing Silas taking charge of the night. "Clearly Lil Woody is the boss of this Halloween rodeo! Love, Buzz, Jessie and Woody," she said then.

Earlier this week, Biel told Entertainment Tonight that the she and her husband would definitely be celebrating Halloween. "If you're a cool parent, you're going to dress up," she shared. This isn't the first time they've put on outfits, either. Last year, the trio wore troll costumes. "Happy Halloween from Poppy, Branch and lil Branch. We be Trollin'," the proud mom and wife captioned that adorable photo.


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