Ivory Gifts for Your 14th Wedding Anniversary

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Kate Mathis

We love the sentimentality behind classic anniversary gifts but recognize that some ideas are more dated than others. Take the theme for the 14th wedding anniversary gift by year: ivory. Nowadays, we wouldn't recommend giving something made from the material, considering its long history of unethical sourcing. But you can still honor tradition without harming elephants—there are tons of modern alternatives. Take the color, which is incredibly versatile and used in a number of present-worthy ways. You can also consider gifting cruelty-free options, like faux-ivory. Here, we've offered up a number of contemporary suggestions.

A popular 14th-anniversary gift is bone china, due to its elegance and timelessness. Here, we've picked out one of our favorite sets. That being said, the possibilities go way beyond new place settings. We've found his and hers presents in a number of different categories and price points to help you find something suitable (and affordable). Does your spouse love to travel (when it's safe, that is)? We've included more than one ivory-colored luggage option. Does your partner love to cook? We've spotlighted ivory-themed kitchen gadgets. We've also covered additional interests—everything from music, to gardening, to fashion.

As you plan how to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary, think about your husband or wife's personality and the nature of your relationship. After all, as with all gifts, it's really the thought that counts. That's why we've compiled a bunch of unique recommendations to help you find an item that really feels personal. Happy gifting and more importantly, congratulations—you've come such a long way since your wedding day!

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Juliska "Berry" Thread Whitewash Five-Piece Place Setting
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

It's never too late to build (or expand) your place-setting collection. Bone china in an ivory color palette is as classic and versatile as it gets.

Shop Now: Juliska "Berry" Thread Whitewash Five-Piece Place Setting, $152, bloomingdales.com.

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ivory knife set
Courtesy of Michael Aram

Beautiful cutlery elevates any kitchen and quality cutlery elevates any dish. These knives do both.

Shop Now: Lockjaw Chef's Knife, from $200, cb2.com.

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Mignonne Gavigan "Hayet" Earrings in Ivory
Courtesy of Mignonne Gavigan

These acetate hoops come in a modern tortoise-shell pattern she's sure to love. Their ivory hue speaks to the anniversary tradition.

Shop Now: Mignonne Gavigan "Hayet" Earrings in Ivory, $110, mignonnegavigan.com.

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C.O. Bigelow "Mach 3" Premium Razor in Ivory
Courtesy of Verishop

Give him the smoothest shave. Bonus: The faux-ivory handle will look amazing on your vanity.

Shop Now: C.O. Bigelow "Mach 3" Premium Razor in Ivory, $70, verishop.com.

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Cb2 "Zen" Large White Planter
Courtesy of Cb2

If your spouse has a green thumb, this contemporary planter is the ivory-inspired gift for them.

Shop Now: Cb2 "Zen" Large White Planter, $129, cb2.com.

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Martha Stewart "Medallion" Tufted Velvet Quilt Sham
Courtesy of Macy's

Cozy on up with your spouse under this ivory sham for this year's wedding anniversary.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart "Medallion" Tufted Velvet Quilt Sham, $131.99, macys.com.

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ivory travel suitcases
Courtesy of Away

Everyone else has black suitcases. Make yours easier to find at the baggage claim.

Shop Now: Away Luggage Set in "White," from $450, awaytravel.com.

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Jonathan Adler "Bowtie" Backgammon Set
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

He may not need a luxurious backgammon set, but he sure won't mind showing it off (not to mention using it).

Shop Now: Jonathan Adler "Bowtie" Backgammon Set, $395, neimanmarcus.com.

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Jack + Mulligan "Cooper" Canvas Tote
Courtesy of Jack + Mulligan

This classic duffle bag is great for weekend trips, and the ivory hue makes it a fit for your 14th anniversary as husband and wife.

Shop Now: Jack + Mulligan "Cooper" Canvas Tote, $100, jackandmulligan.com.

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Harbour 1976 "Betty" Ivory Coaster
Courtesy of Harbour

Upgrade your bar (and protect your furniture) with a set of ivory-hued coasters.

Shop Now: Harbour 1976 "Betty" Ivory Coaster, $43.80 for four, harbouroutdoor.com.

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Ivory Paper Co. "Lavender Trim" Personalized Stationery Notecards
Courtesy of Ivory Paper Co.

These ivory-colored cards are so fun, she may just write you a thank-you note on one!

Shop Now: Ivory Paper Co. "Lavender Trim" Personalized Stationery Notecards, $24, ivorypaperco.com.

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Wine Opener

Laguiole En Aubrac "Waiters" Corkscrew Wine Opener in Ebony/Ivory
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This bone-handle tool features a corkscrew and foil cutter, which makes opening your celebratory bottle of vino a breeze.

Shop Now: Laguiole En Aubrac "Waiters" Corkscrew Wine Opener in Ebony/Ivory, $349, williams-sonoma.com.

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cuyana ivory tote bag
Courtesy of Cuyana

She'll obsess over this wardrobe staple and the supple leather (and ample room) it boasts.

Shop Now: Cuyana Leather Tote in Ecru, $175, cuyana.com.

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white-based blender
Courtesy of Anthropologie

The vintage look of this efficient blender makes it undeniably eye-catching.

Shop Now: SMEG Retro Blender in Ivory, $320, anthropologie.com.

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ivory marshall speaker radio
Courtesy of Cb2

Not only does this speaker look dapper and deliver quality sound, but it also connects to your WiFi signal for effortless listening.

Shop Now: Marshall "Acton" Speaker, $350, cb2.com.

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Domain by Laura Hodges "Phoenix" Pillow
Courtesy of Orchard Mile

Elevate your carefully curated home with a soft, plush ivory pillow. This wedding anniversary gift will make you think of the last 14 years every time you see it.

Shop Now: Domain by Laura Hodges "Phoenix" Pillow, $109.99, domainbylaurahodgeststudio.com.

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Jewelry Box

Aspinal of London "Paris" Small Croc Jewelry Box in Deep Shine Ivory
Courtesy of Orchard Mile

She'll house all of her jewelry in this luxe organizer. Maybe next year's wedding anniversary gift can be an item that fits inside.

Shop Now: Aspinal of London "Paris" Small Croc Jewelry Box in Deep Shine Ivory, $275, orchardmile.com.

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