Both involved music.
2018 celebrity wedding moments mandy moore taylor goldsmith

Newlywed Mandy Moore is still reminiscing about her intimate backyard wedding two months after saying "I do." The actress, who married musician, Taylor Godsmith, in front of 40 people in a bohemian-style ceremony in December, remembers the days leading up to the wedding as being surprisingly easy. "It actually wasn't stressful," Moore told People. "But maybe that is because [of] our approach." The actress cites the celebration's small guest list as a reason why she walked into her big day stress-free. She and Goldsmith, did, however have a larger reception: "[For] our party afterward, we invited a couple more friends."

In retrospect, Moore couldn't have been happier with her stunning pink Rodarte gown and perfectly-decorated home venue, but her favorite part of the day was the couple's live ceremony and reception musical performances. Not only did Moore's brother-in-law-a member of Goldsmith's band, Dawes-sing a "beautiful John Lennon song" as the bride walked out of her bedroom and right down the aisle, but all the musicians in attendance (and there were quite a few!) sang at the evening reception. Moore added, "Taylor and I got to sing a song together. And then his dad, who is also a musician, came up and closed the night out and people went wild."

Though Moore describes music as the wedding's highlight, what was more important was the people singing the lyrics-that small guest list was full with her absolute favorite people, she says. Even Moore's guests noticed how special the evening was. Attendee Christina Thompson took to Instagram after the event to say, "The most pure and poetic expression of love in a day there ever was. Magic." Moore herself described the night as "Pretty epic," and it shows.

As for the bride's biggest wedding-day takeaway? It was integral for her to stay in "constant communication" with her now-husband throughout the planning process and actual celebration. "It was really important for us to be present. I really wanted to enjoy the moment and that was something I just kept thinking about. I wanted to take it all in and I think we did," she concluded.


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