Your seasonal nuptials deserve a thoughtful wine and spirit selection.

By Nicole Harris
April 18, 2018

Although most couples would love to stock their wedding's bar with every type of liquor imaginable, financial and logistical restraints usually mean they need to limit the number of options available to guests. Choosing which wines and liquors to serve becomes a matter of personal preference, availability, price, and seasonality. Here, we break down the best types of alcohol for a spring wedding, so your guests can enjoy festive libations throughout the reception.

Stick with Lighter Liquors

During the winter, most people prefer dark, comforting, and warming liquors. As warmer weather rolls around, however, people start craving something light and refreshing. According to David Love, beverage consultant of Just Bartending in Enola, Pennsylvania, "People associate light flavors with spring and summer. Something as bold as a heavy scotch or whiskey, or even milk-based drinks, won't do it." This means couples should ditch the bourbon, scotch, whiskey, and cognac in favor of vodka, gin, and rum. "With these three as a base, you can pretty much accommodate any drinker's taste," Love says.

Use Fresh Mixers

Of course, quality cocktails need more than just liquor, so couples should stock their bar with plenty of fresh, seasonal mixers. According to Love, "When you're looking for spring cocktail ideas, you're going to want your ingredients to be fresh." Try incorporating produce into your drinks; guests will go crazy over strawberry mojitos or cucumber gin and tonics. Additionally, light-flavored liquors go well with tonic, lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice, orange juice, and fresh lemons and limes.

Choose Refreshing Wines

While full-bodied wines work for a winter wedding, springtime calls for less robust varieties of vino. The bar should have at least one medium- or light-bodied red like pinot noir, merlot, or sangiovese. Crisp white wines like pinot grigio, riesling, or moscato will also be a welcome addition. Finally, if the couple is tying the knot in late spring, they should consider having a sparkling rosé, too. When in doubt, Love suggests sticking to sweeter varieties of wine with a light texture. "Lets not forget a red or white sangria!" he says. "We find our clients requesting more and more to offer the sangria included in a mix of wines for their guests."


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