But what about the Big Bang Theory proposal?
Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Karl Cook have been dating for almost a year and a half, so it makes sense that some have started to wonder if the couple is thinking about their future together. When People caught up with Cuoco this week, they asked her if she'd consider marriage again, and her answer was seriously sweet.

Amy Davidson, Cuoco's 8 Simple Rules costar, recently admitted that she thought that Cook could be "the one" for Cuoco. "I hope so," she told People, adding, "I do, yeah." When reporters brought up the statement to Cuoco, she didn't deny the fact! "Aw! I'm open to anything," she shared. "I don't know what the path is going to take," she said, "but I'm very happy right now."

Cuoco and Cook met at a horse show, and both are animal lovers. When asked how the professional equestrian was, Cuoco responded, "He's great." "He's got a big bulldog and many horses and luckily, I found a guy who likes dogs as much as me," she admitted. "We ride together and we both have a significant amount of horses in separate ranches. So we keep that separate, but we've done horse shows together and we travel together and that has definitely been a big part of our relationship."

Another marriage Cuoco's fans are interested in learning more about is the one that will potentially happen on her show. The Big Bang Theory ended on a cliffhanger last season, with Sheldon proposing to Amy. While Cuoco couldn't reveal whether or not Amy said yes, she did offer hope ahead of this season's premiere. "Everyone is going to be very happy," she said, referencing the plot.


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